Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Bush and Co. Led the US into War in Iraq

As it is the anniversary of the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003 here is a timeline that describes in harrowing and shocking detail how the Bush Administration led the US into war in Iraq. To put it very, very mildly they were less than honest about what they knew. It is clear they were under the influence of groupthink at the very least.

I was aware before that clearly someone had messed up the intelligence badly, to put too politely, but reading this a few days ago was the first time I read how so many stories and developments joined together. For instance I did not know about Curveball very well. I heard about him vaguely but did not know his story well. Also I was only vaguely aware of other threads of information described here. It was hard to read this and see how callously the Bush Administration played on the American people's fears to do what they wanted. I was not fully aware of a lot of the information presented here, therefore I have linked to it here. Mother Jones has done a great service in holding those who made this most serious decision accountable.

Bush, Cheney and Co. never should have lead the US and her allies to wage war in Iraq. They judged that waging war would end well. Alas, to everyone's sorrow, it did not. The time to overthrow Saddam Hussein was 1991, not 2003.


  1. Bush, Clinton and Obama are all war criminals. All of them need to be tried.

  2. Here's another link. It is spot on.