Saturday, March 8, 2014

PCG Says Now is "the Most Dangerous Time in Man's History!"

Gerald Flurry is advertizing his latest Key of David telecast in this way.
Russia is rising up as a great superpower, and is causing the German-led EU to rise as well. We are living in the most dangerous time in man’s history! (Pro-PCG source.)
Is this really "the most dangerous time in man's history!" as Gerald Flurry seems to say.

Worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Worse than the Vietnam War?

Worse than World War II?

Worse than World War I?

I fear for PCG members who are constantly told that the world is terrible and degraded, that it is necessary to cling to PCG in order to be protected.

Such alarmist fears are constantly stirred up by PCG's leaders. PCG members are kept in a constant state of fear that makes them panic and submit to the authority of PCG's leaders. They are told if they stay on good terms with PCG they will be taken to a place of safety and escape from nuclear World War III. In practice such fear mongering becomes little more then a pretext for exploiting PCG members by living off of their three tithes and extra offerings.

And another thing to say about the current crisis in the Ukraine. As bad as things are in the Ukraine (and it is very bad) it is not unprecedented. Russia has splintered former Soviet republics before.

When the Soviet Union dissolved two provinces of Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, seceded and became effectively independent but unrecognized by any country. The Georgians claimed they had Russian support. Later in 2008 Georgia tried to reclaim control of these two provinces and Russia attacked and defeated Georgia, keeping Abkhazia and South Ossetia apart from Georgia. Afterwards Russia recognized them as independent countries, as retaliation against the US and the EU recognizing Kosovo as an independent state.

Also in Moldova, a part of it, Transnistria, also seceded in 1992, and has been continued to be effectively ruled by Russia. These initial secessions events occurred under Boris Yeltsin's time and were merely continued under Putin.

Gerald Flurry is wrong. This is not "the most dangerous time in man’s history!" The leaders of PCG simply want their followers to fear the non-PCG world so they will not try to reform the society within PCG.

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  1. Your conclusion is spot on. These groups have a history of what I call "flame fanning." They exaggerate the significance of any events which appear to have the capability of evolving into Armstrong doomsday scenarios and they are a little bit short on making cautionary statements to the effect that their view is purely speculatory. That would keep anyone on edge, and might even produce full blown phobias in those predisposed to such.