Friday, January 30, 2015

A PCG Follower's Statement

What do loyal PCG's members who actually believe what they are told by PCG's leaders think?  If one asked them to describe what they believe what would they say?

We can get some idea from the following statement written in April, 2013, just before the fall and violent suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The statement is presented as it was written.
The prophecized unHoly Roman Empire is about to rear it’s ugly head on the world scene! Right after the Arab states and Israel ask Germany to protect them, Germany WILL be “invited” into Jerusalem and when that happens, there WILL be a betrayal, a double-cross as Germany defeats the Iranian islamic regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, they WILL turn their attention to America and the rest of the “House of Israel”, that includes ALL the Commonwealth Nations, Britain, America, Canada and attack them with a FULL SCALE NUCLEAR WAR! The time of repentance is nearly upon us. Jesus Christ said to “watch” events and watch for the signs for His return! 50% of God Laodicean Churches WILL not repent in the tribulation and the other 50% will repent! Only the Philadelphians will be in a place of safety as the rest of us are thrust into the Great Tribulation. Laodicean and Philadelphian are “Church eras” and are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Philadelphians represent those who are loyal and true to God’s p,an and work and the Laodiceans are those who used to be loyal, but they turned their backs on God and His Works and rejected His royal laws and decrees. The Laodicean practices and observes Pagan holidays and rituals traditions, customs! Unfortunely , those 50% who refuse to repent while in the tribulation will lose the eternal lives forever and those that do repent will gain it. We don’t have to experience this if we repent now, that means ALL of us! Look at the ancient city of Ninevah, the prophet Jonah was asked by God to warn Ninevah and tell them to repent. Jonah, refused and was attempting to run away, but, God had other plans. Jonah wound up in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights until he was eventually thrown up out of the fish and fond himself wrapped in seaweed, alive! Eventually, Jonah made it to Ninevah and warned the leaders if Gods punishment for their evil and their Immorality and sin. The contemplated their situation and decided to repent, because they didn’t want to take the chance that Johan may be right! The city of Ninevah was spared God destruction, because they believed. We have the chance to avoid all the coming destruction to the house of Israel and America if we too, would only just repent! God’s word is sure and true and what the prophets of old prophecized. They WILL happen, or God is a liar, and God CAN NOT LIE! Nuclear war IS coming and we WILL be enslaved, the survivors that is! The American dollar WILL collapse and that will be the reason for Germany’s anger towards America! 100 trillion dollars of debt! NO NATION has EVER had that amount of debt and paid it off! America doesn’t have the money or the will or the leadership to even pay off a tenth of that debt! America prints money out of thin air with out the Gold to back it up! Where’s Germany’s stolen gold? It’s not in Fort Knox?! Where is it? Germany was refused by the Feds to even see their stolen gold that is on American soil! Why? Is it because America no longer has it and if so, who has it? These are questions that the Germans are wondering. Do YOU think that America can steal Germany’s stolen gold and expect to not give it back without any retaliation from Germany . Think again! Germany is losing patience with America and America had better give that blood money back or things are going to get real ugly, real fast! Remember, Germany started BOTH World Wars and to think that they wouldn’t start another means that you have your head stuck sooo far up your ass, you can’t see the reality of Germany’s thoroughness! They are precise and very calculating! Repent people before its too late! The time of enslavement is nearly upon us. Read the Books of Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, Hosea, Matthew 24, Jeremiah, and others to see what’s in store or better yet, contact the Philadelphia Church of God and request the FREE booklet called “Germany and the Holy Roman Empire” and see what I’m talking about. Or better yet watch the Key of David television program with Gerald Flurry to get updates on those prophecies. You won’t be disappointed! I PROMISE!
That booklet was discussed in a previous post.

There are many inaccurate ideas in this statement.

Americans and British are not descended from ancient Israel. It is simply untrue.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt fell to the Egyptian military just a few months after this statement of PCG's ideas was made.

HWA's doctrine of seven church eras is complete nonsense.

(Incidentally this also means that any talk of half of the Armstrongites who are not in PCG will go to the Lake of Fire is also complete nonsense.)

As high as America's federal debt is now it is still lower per capita then what it was in the 1940s because of World War II. This may be seen in the following chart. (Click to enlarge.)

US federal debt compared with GDP 1940-2014

And what is with this talk of Germany wanting its gold back from the World War II era? The way this person writes that idea sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Germany is not descended from Assyria. Germans are Indo-European. Assyrians were Semitic. There are still Assyrians in the Middle East. British Israelism only casted Germany as the Assyrian villain after World War I. So any talk of Germany conquering America is also nonsense.

There is no "time of enslavement" coming. This is nonsense designed to make PCG members pay three tithes to PCG's leaders. PCG's income in 2012 was about $19.5 million.

Oh what a sad sight to see someone who actually believes what Flurry teaches.


  1. The final piece of understanding the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia is divining the madness of the kooks who still hold on to the looney ideas long after they have been disproved.

    I'm sorry, but it's still a mystery to me.

    I thought Armstrongism was all about searching for the truth.

    I guess not.

  2. Truly that is a most difficult question.