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PCG's False Prophecy of "Race War"

Footprints by Lester Kern.
Hat tip: Banned by HWA.

Since at least 1992 PCG's leadership has taught that (some) African Americans are fated to go on a rampage against the white majority in the cities of the United States in a mass wave of riots that PCG's leaders emotively call a "race war" or a "race riot". Whenever a riot or civil disturbance of that sort occur PCG's leaders tell their readers that such disturbances will get far worse.

They seem to imagine that this future mass wave of riots by African Americans against the white majority will occur everywhere at once within the United States somehow. (And Britain too by their ethnic minorities.) Considering how terrible this will supposedly be PCG's leaders are awfully vague about it.

But no such mass wave of riots against the white majority will ever happen. It will never happen. It is utterly absurd and impossible. Instead the disturbances that have occurred putters out and normalcy soon resumes. Instead of telling people that it is very unlikely that such a disturbance would occur in any one place and that in fact they dissipate very quickly PCG's leaders try to scare people into thinking "race riots" will get far worse.

This vicious delusion of PCG's dates back to 1992 (if not earlier) to Gerald Flurry's booklet, The Ezekiel Watchman. Chapter 5 of that booklet is entitled "L.A. Riots--Only the Beginning!" This was discussed in a previous post. In 2002 that booklet was superseded by another booklet of his entitled Ezekiel: The End Time Prophet (which was discussed in a previous post). Chapter 4 of that booklet is entitled "Terrorism and Race Riots" (That chapter can be read on their website if you want to see this nonsense for yourself). Based on those two chapters PCG's leadership spreads the fanciful notion that in the near future African Americans will soon go on a rampage against the white "Israelite" majority within the United States.

(The dogma of British Israelism is untrue. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism. As has shown it is built on a foundation of sand.)

Riots do not build up into some massive super riot that seems to magically occur everywhere in America as PCG's leadership seems to imagine. Riots generally tend to be spontaneous and generally are not well organized so of course they dissipate after a day, or a few days if it is really bad. They do not build up into some mega-riot that occurs everywhere at once. That is nonsense.

Quite likely the reason this future "race war" is portrayed as happening everywhere at once is to scare you with this implanted phobia. It can't scare you if you think it will happen somewhere else.

The Pan-African Flag

As seen in a previous post noted anti-cult author Steven Hassan listed "Fear of race wars" as an phobia that cults tend to teach their followers in order to keep them fearful of the world outside of the group. (Freedom of Mind, 2012, Chapter 10, p. 155.) The fact that PCG teaches this doctrine of a future "race war" of African Americans attacking the white majority is yet further evidence that PCG can accurately be described as a cult.

Here are some relevant quotes from PCG about this ridiculous delusion of African Americans being fated to attack the white majority en masse that they are fostering upon their followers. Comments of mine are in italics.

Some of the more inflammatory language are highlighted because I disagree with them.


Watch the clip and it is obvious that no racist innuendo was intended in comparing the central collections office, where paperwork disappears, to a black hole. Nevertheless, within moments a meeting of normally rational people quickly became a tiny race war. Clearly, racial grievances continue to simmer under the surface for many people. (Robert Morley, Racial Tension: Waiting for a Spark, July 29, 2008.)

[The title alludes to this paranoid false teaching that African Americans will soon go on a rampage against the white majority in the United States of America in what they call a "race war".]

Meanwhile—and more dangerously—white supremacist groups are outraged by Obama’s election. The Anti-Defamation League tracked a spike in activity on extremist online discussion forums after the election. The main themes it saw included 1) expressions of what a tragedy it is for the nation; 2) predictions of a race war, as whites rise up en masse against the “injustice”; and 3) calls to violence, or expressions of hope that the president will somehow be killed.
Even a few wackos who think like this could wreak havoc. Just one lone wolf could set off a racist explosion. Imagine what would happen to the soaring hopes, and the increased black pride, if Obama was felled by an assassin’s bullet. Some of these fringers have said they want to increase racial tension in the U.S. by attacking Obama. (Joel Hilliker, Will a Black President Heal America’s Race Wounds?, November 12, 2008.)

[The quote above from Hilliker is a rare acknowledgement from PCG's leadership of the issue of right wing extremism within the United States. But notice how even here it seems Hilliker presents himself as being more worried that such an assassination would cause African Americans to lash out at the white majority rather than the assassination itself. This statement has the effect of making white Americans fearful that African Americans may soon come out to get them should such a thing occur. This is fear mongering nonsense.]

America is facing a future of friction and flame. As the U.S. economy further breaks down, unemployment and, consequently, social pressures will inevitably increase. Is chaos in American cities about to become a common sight? Read the chapter “Terrorism and Race Riots” from Gerald Flurry’s booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet to understand how the Bible says terrorism and race riots are looming—for America. (Robert Morley, Should Americans Prepare for a “Summer of Rage”?, April 14, 2009.)

[There was no summer of rage in 2009 and six years later we are still waiting for PCG's mythical "race war" to occur. They will have to wait a long time because it will never happen. This is yet another false prophecy which proves that God is not with PCG.]

Look at what happened in Britain on Saturday. The BBC reports that people couldn’t go out onto the streets of downtown Birmingham for over two hours as a full-blown race riot took place. Apparently a group was demonstrating against violent Islam when a larger group of black and Asian people turned up and violence ensued. ... How much would it take to set off Birmingham-type riots across America? As the economy continues to grind down, the answer is: less and less. Hope is going to be smashed by reality. When the shape of America’s recovery is more like a staircase to the cellar—that is, no recovery, only small respites on the way down—then America’s lack of social cohesion will really be revealed. (Robert Morley, The Riots Will Come, August 11, 2009.)

Britain has had major race riots in the past, and the potential is there for them to break out again. For information on the biblical prophecy that race wars will become endemic in both America and Britain, read Chapter 4 of Gerald Flurry’s booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet. (Racial Tension Rises in Britain, August 11, 2009.)

Far too often, the media seize upon news of race-related attacks that create a lot of hostility and bad blood—attacks that later prove to be trumped up (remember the Duke lacrosse team?). This story, like the recent “racial profiling” of Henry Gates—which turned out to be nothing of the sort, not on the part of the woman who phoned in the possible burglary, nor by the policeman who had to deal with the unnecessarily belligerent Harvard professor—was a manufactured racial grievance. That’s not to say whites aren’t instigating race problems. It’s more an illustration of how racial tensions have a tendency to escalate irrespective of facts. (Joel Hilliker, The white supremacist who wasn’t, August 16, 2009.)

[The above quote from Hilliker shows how PCG's leaders tend to dismiss as just "a manufactured racial grievance" any controversy of white Americans being bigoted towards African Americans. PCG's leaders simplistically portray the white majority as essentially innocent while African Americans are portrayed as manufacturing controversies and are fated to launch a "race war" or "race riots" against the white majority, which is just a doctrine of trash.]  

In the coming months and years, sadly, we should expect racial tension and racial violence to worsen, particularly in the U.S. and Britain. Like so many of the solutions concocted in the minds of men, the antidotes to this world’s race problems offered by our leaders and intellectuals will continue to fail. In many instances, these solutions will exacerbate the tension and make conflict all the more inevitable. ... In Scripture He [PCG's God, not the God of the Bible. There is a difference. - Redfox712.] promises to supply a way to escape these terrifying events if we are striving to obey His laws and follow His direction. (Brad MacDonald, America’s Racial Time Bomb Is Ticking, October 2009.)

[Note the way MacDonald brings up this deluded idea and after that alludes to PCG's dogma of the place of safety. PCG teaches that when the Great Tribulation occurs the only way to escape it is to join PCG and follow its teachings. This is taught by PCG to be the only way to escape the Great Tribulation. The fact that the place of safety is alluded to here indicates this "race war" nonsense is used to make people think the only way to escape from rampaging African Americans nearby is to join PCG. What madness! There will be no "race war" of the type PCG describes.

Because of the sin these nations are laden with, and because of the weakness of our leaders, we will experience desolation and burning. In other words, this scripture warns that race riots and terrorism are here to stay, and will only get worse. “Killing for the greater good” may result in lots of killing, but very little good. (Robert Morley, “Killing for the Greater Good”, April 20, 2010.)

[Have "race riots" gotten worse? Of course not. This is yet another failed prophecy which proves once again that God is not with PCG.]

Arizonans, meanwhile, are justifiably frustrated—and scared. Their state has been flooded with illegal aliens. In just the last three years alone, nearly 1 million aliens have been caught trying to sneak into Arizona. That amounts to about 900 per day. Those who aren’t caught roam throughout Arizona—and the rest of America. ...
Small wonder that 70 percent of Arizonans support the new immigration bill. Law enforcement agencies have also voiced their support for the legislation. But not the race baiters. They see the law’s passage as yet another opportunity to fan the flames of racial hatred and division. ... To learn more about the coming race wars in America, request our free booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet. (Stephen Flurry, How Arizona’s Immigration Bill Sparks Racial Hate, July 2010.)

[The above quote shows how leftists and those who speak up for ethnic minorities are vilified as the real racists and race baiters by PCG's leadership. It is assumed by Stephen Flurry that the immigration law gives no one any just cause to complain. Attempts to stop the law passing or to organize people to make Arizona's legislators aware of how some people oppose it are portrayed by PCG's leadership as being the problem, not the legislation in question.]

As long as America refuses to recognize and uphold God’s laws as outlined in the Bible, there will be no peace between the races. In fact, the book of Ezekiel prophesies that America’s actions are leading the nation toward a full-blown race war. (This prophecy is explained in Chapter 4 of our booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet. Request your free copy.) Injustice inevitably leads to conflict. When it is racially motivated, it leads to race war. Yet a merciful God gives America the answer to its racial problems: Just uphold His law. (Robert Morley, The President, the Black Panthers, and the Coming Racial Explosion, September 2010.)

[Five years later we are still waiting for "a full-blown race war" to occur. It's not going to happen. This is yet another false prophecy which proves that God is not with PCG.]

America is about to go bankrupt. Soon riots and race wars are going to explode in the U.S. They will make the demonstrations in Egypt seem like child’s play by comparison! (Gerald Flurry, Libya and Ethiopia Reveal Iran’s Military Strategy, April 2011.)

[Four years later we are still waiting for America to go bankrupt. (It can't.) We are still waiting for "riots and race wars ... to explode in the U.S." in a way that makes the Egyptian revolution of 2011 look "like child's play". This is yet another false prophecy that proves that God is not with PCG.]

Worse riots are coming. ... These riots are a warning to the whole world: This is what happens when a nation rejects God’s laws and revolts against His way of building a family. These riots are only going to get worse. (London’s Riots Were Prophesied, August 9, 2011.)

[Utter nonsense. A delusion. Four people were killed in the London riots while nineteen years earlier far more died in Los Angeles. As unimaginably tragic and horrible those four deaths are for those involved nevertheless the London riots are not a sign that things are getting worse.]

During the height of the American civil rights movement, the renowned educator Herbert W. Armstrong wrote from a unique perspective—not white or black, but based on the eternal truths of the Holy Bible. Mr. Armstrong taught the way to true peace and correctly identified the problems plaguing race relations. Yet, he also understood what the Bible prophesied for the near future. Basing his predictions on these prophecies, he wrote in the October 1963 Plain Truth: “Make no mistake! This is no light matter to pass over casually! Race war is coming! Racial tensions, passions and hatreds are being deliberately stirred by organized planning. It will explode into mass violence that will stagger the imagination! It will be whipped into an accelerating crescendo until human blood runs like rivers!” (Race Riots in America, August 16, 2011.)

[What disgusting rhetoric! I cannot even imagine saying something so wildly unhinged from reality as this.]

Most Americans refuse to think seriously about how close this country is to experiencing race riots and large-scale civil unrest. ... From one end of this land to the other, tension and hatred is welling, in our suburbs, in our malls, in our schools, and in the offices of state and federal governments. Race riots and large-scale civil unrest are brewing. ... As grim as that scenario is, it gets worse: A growing contingent of leaders are actively seeking to incite race riots and civil unrest. (Brad MacDonald, America: Why Race Riots Are Inevitable, September 8, 2011.)

[Which leaders? Is MacDonald talking of the Ku Klux Klan, the militias or Neo-Nazis? Of course not. If you look at the article you will see MacDonald quoting left wingers and then condemning them. This aligns with PCG's delusion that soon African Americans will launch into some sort of mega riot against the white majority (which apparently is supposed to occur everywhere in the United States at the same time somehow). This is a ridiculous and ludicrous idea.]

The worst race riot in Wisconsin history occurred on August 4 during the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair. As darkness fell over the fairgrounds, hundreds of black youths swarmed into the parking lot, seeking out Caucasian fairgoers and assaulting them, smashing car windows, throwing rocks and beating passersby with whatever blunt instruments were available. An Iraq war veteran compared the scene to a combat zone. The teens even attacked the few police officers who were on site. (Phillip Nice, Blood in the Streets, October 2011.)

Republican racism has become the battle cry of the radical left—led by the president and his attorney general! Mostly that charge is untrue. But many people are going to believe it is true and act accordingly. As the economy gets worse and people’s emotions become more heated, violent race riots are going to burst on the scene in our large cities.  (Gerald Flurry, U.S. Attorney General Ignites the Race Bomb, March 2012.)

[Three years later we still waiting for "violent race riots ... to burst on the scene in our large cities." Do they occur in all the large cities in the US or only some? And if so which ones? Will this happen in every single city in the United States? Of course not. This is just vile poppycock. We must give no heed to such false warnings.]

Years ago, even when racial tension seemed to be in comparative decline, the Trumpet warned that racial division in the United States would become an explosive force of destruction. As some leaders stoke and spread the flames of resentment, watch for racial hatred—and violence—to break out. (During Speech Amid Flaring Racial Tension, March 29, 2012.)

The real significance of the Trayvon Martin case isn’t whether the shooting was racially motivated or not—or if the watchman acted in self-defense. The real significance is that media outlets, black activists, celebrities and even leaders in government are collectively using this isolated incident—whether they realize it or not—to incite RACE WARS! ... And it [the controversy surrounding the death by shooting of Trayvon Martin] may well be the tiny spark that sets off the racist bomb prophesied to explode upon our cities, leading to the siege of fire and violence described in Ezekiel 5. (Stephen Flurry, Will ‘Trayvon Martin’ Ignite Race Wars?, March 30, 2012.)

[Note how Stephen Flurry obliquely admits that African American leaders are not planning to riot against the white majority when he says "whether they realize it or not". This indicates that Stephen Flurry knows virtually all African Americans want peace and do not want a mass riot of the sort PCG falsely imagines will occur.]

It isn’t being widely reported, but violent flare-ups are increasing. ... Episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people are happening, yet are not being reported by the news media. ... Some thinkers believe that a race war is being censored to avoid white backlash. (Dennis Leap, Has a Race War Already Begun?, May 31, 2012.)

[This is paranoid nonsense. Crime is inflicted upon everyone, not just whites. Talk like this, if acted upon, will make persons unhelpfully suspicious of mainstream society and paranoid that mainstream institutions are somehow working against him or her. Such fear mongering does no good to anyone.]

The “solutions” men propose only incite more violence and more hatred. Soon, these simmering tensions, passions and hatreds will boil over into full-scale race wars! (Stephen Flurry, Race to War, May-June 2012.)

these murders are only the tiniest taste of the racial violence about to flood America. This reality became more ominously believable with another report this week—in many ways more chilling than those two murders. ...  As evidence like this mounts, the inevitability of devastating racial violence engulfing the nation becomes more plain. (Joel Hilliker, Battle Cry for a Race War, August 23, 2013.)

[This is just grotesque nonsense. This article by Joel Hilliker above was discussed in a previous post. This article was what first made me aware of this particular vicious idea PCG propagates.]

This is talking about race riots prophesied to happen during this end time in Israel, Britain and especially America. Race riots are coming to America. Many of its inner cities are already seething, ready to explode. All it took was one death to set off destructive riots in Missouri—and this while America is relatively wealthy; food is still readily available on store shelves and people’s tables. What will happen if something changes that? (Daryle Hochstettler, Riots—Coming to a City Near You, August 14, 2014.)

[Compare Hochstettler's quote above with the earlier August 11, 2009 quote from Morley. This is the same threatening (and deluded) warning. This is essentially repeating what Morley wrote back in 2009. No mega-riot effecting every city in America by African Americans against the white majority occurred then and such a thing will never happen.]

And the United States is experiencing multiple dangerous crises, including race riots, rampant illegal immigration that most certainly includes criminals and terrorists, crushing drought, a sluggish economy, and multiple political scandals. (Gerald Flurry, ‘The World Is Descending Into Chaos’, November-December 2014.)

This is a prophecy of a catastrophic siege, economically and socially. This siege will cause a financial cataclysm that will develop into terrible race wars and fighting for food and survival. ... When it concludes, the economy will be absolutely destroyed! Society will be burning with race wars, crime, chaos and murder. This first third—including 100 million Americans—will experience atrocious deaths. (Gerald Flurry, Where America’s Race Riots Are Leading, November-December 2014.)

[What a grisly prediction produced from Gerald Flurry's sick imagination! What a comfort it is to know that this vile doctrine of fear is complete nonsense.]

Much of what the Trumpet warns about—race wars ... and nuclear war, for example—is deeply sobering. (Richard Palmer, A God’s-Eye View of the Universe, November-December 2014.)

Some political candidates in the Democratic camp can’t seem to talk about anything but racism. They use it to try to frighten blacks into voting booths. They have said violence like the Trayvon Martin case and the shooting in Ferguson are evidence of whites hating blacks. Rep. Charlie Rangel, for example, said on Oct. 30, 2014, that some Republicans “believe that slavery isn’t over.”
The congressman said: “[E]verything we believe in—they hate. They don’t disagree—they hate. They think if you didn’t come from Europe 30 years ago, you didn’t even make it. Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over, and they think they won the Civil War.”
These are abominable statements! Yet no one condemns them, because that is the way so many of our politicians, academics and media personalities think!
What will be the outcome of such racist remarks? When you accuse people of racism without any proof—which most of them don’t have, they just spout out the words—you are filling your country with hatred and division that leads to a race war, civil war and violence! These commentators are either ignorant of what they are doing—or they want a race war. Some extremists do want a race war. And Bible prophecy tells us that they are going to get one. (Gerald Flurry, America: The Attack From Within Continues, January 2015.)

[So Flurry says, "Some extremists do want a race war". Is he talking about the Ku Klux Klan? The militias? Neo-Nazis? No, he is not talking about those groups. In this article he makes that accusation just after quoting an African American Democratic Congressman who is accused by Flurry of being racist. It is assumed by PCG's leadership that some African Americans are fated to launch a "race war" or "race riot" against the white majority during the course of the Great Tribulation.]

Renowned educator Herbert W. Armstrong proclaimed for decades, based on Bible prophecies, that race war is coming to America. This war, however, would not be the result of any inherent superiority of one race over another. Instead, it would be deliberately stirred up by the organized planning of political leaders. (Andrew Müller, Communist Agitators Inflamed Ferguson Riots, March 12, 2015.)

[This article was mentioned in a previous post. More on Andrew Müller may be read at this post.]

Racially charged unrest is boiling over—and law enforcement is being critically undermined. Many people are framing the issue as a pursuit of justice. Some call it a revolution. Many are bracing for race war. You need to know where this is leading! (Gerald Flurry, ‘Your Cities Are Burned With Fire’, July 2015.)


And so the list of shameful words printed out by PCG comes to an end.

What a load of nonsense! As though African Americans don't endure enough problems already.

And to think about 5000 people are members in a "church" that should dare to propagate such racist nonsense. In 2012 they paid the lion's share of the $19.5 million of income PCG got that year. 


  1. Again, they are stuck in the 1960s. As the civil rights movement began to address the many social injustices which confronted African Americans, there was considerable pent-up anger which had built up virtually from the time of slavery. So, when one community rioted, communities hundreds or even thousands of miles away felt a sort of commonality, and rioted against the same issues. I cannot fathom why the ACOGs seem to feel that African Americans riot for no good reason, or just as a matter of whim, but that is stereotypical Armstrongist thinking, and demonstrates an ostrich-like unwillingness to understand even the most basic facts. This willful misunderstanding is a symptom of the ignorance inherent in the Armstongite model for authority.

    In the 1960s, groups of militants, such as the Black Panthers, developed a "take no prisoners" mentality, and preached a message of zero tolerance for social injustice. If there could have been out and out race war, that would be the era which would have provided the prerequisite boiling point. What happened to it? In part, the majority reached a better understanding, and modified many of the behavioral patterns which had caused it. Also, the government worked in subtle and not so subtle ways to suppress and to quell what seemed to have the potential for becoming a full on revolution. To gain a better understanding on how this was accomplished, I'd recommend that people read the book "Soul on Ice".

    What strikes me as being ironic is that ACOG people honestly believe they themselves are one day going to be rounded up and possibly put in internment camps for keeping the sabbath. In a martial law situation, that is nowhere near sufficient cause for imprisonment. The government would crack down on the people who have seized power and could do real damage to our civilization, like those who stage riots or indulge in quasi-military maneuvers. Not a bunch of simplistic "light hidden under the bushel basket" sabbath keepers.

    Another crazy thing people worry about is illiterate, impoverished immigrants. Those folks are just trying to earn a living and feed their families. They are eternally responding to the nuances of a capitalistic society, in which the ante is constantly being upped simply to maintain. Power and paradigm shifts are far more likely to come from the affluent and influential intellectuals whom major corporations are bringing into the country to staff long term open positions in Silicon Valley and similar places. In revolutions around the world over the past centuries, it was the intellectuals, the rich and powerful, and the influential ones who were seen as threats, and neutralized or liquidated.

    This stuff the PCG dishes up should be seen for what it is. It is aimed at the bottom of the food chain, where it is much easier to create fear-compliance, and to perpetrate financial extortion.


  2. >>I cannot fathom why the ACOGs seem to feel that African Americans riot for no good reason, or just as a matter of whim,<<

    I find that hard to understand as well. Riots such as what happened in Los Angeles in 1992 or in Ferguson and Baltimore recently do not just happen. There are reasons for such things happening and normally those problems are managed so that riots do not happen.

    Most people do not want to riot. They just want to live in peace and safety. So that alone is a very strong motivation for society in general to behave in an orderly manner.

    >>What strikes me as being ironic is that ACOG people honestly believe they themselves are one day going to be rounded up and possibly put in internment camps for keeping the sabbath.<<

    Your words are so true.

    >>Another crazy thing people worry about is illiterate, impoverished immigrants. Those folks are just trying to earn a living and feed their families.<<

    Could not agree more.

    >>This stuff the PCG dishes up should be seen for what it is. It is aimed at the bottom of the food chain, where it is much easier to create fear-compliance, and to perpetrate financial extortion.<<

    That is a fascinating topic. The mere fact that PCG teaches this shows that PCG is actually looking for people inclined to believe that African Americans will soon riot against the white majority.

    Who believes that? Why on Earth is PCG looking for those people to get them to join PCG? It is such a strange sight to behold this bizarre false prophecy of theirs.