Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ceassation of Hostilities in Syria

So there is now a Cessation of Hostilities between the Assad regime and those represented by the High Negotiations Committee of the Syrian Opposition. (February 26, 2016.)

The Save Our Syria coalition has published an open letter addressed to President Vladimir Putin calling for an end to the bombardments by Russian forces. (February 25, 2016.)

Here's one Twitter account discussing the cessation of hostilities.
Looks bad for Assad when HNC (and Syrian oppo) actually manage to hold 72628297636 diff rebel groups under 1 ceasefire Syria-wide.
There goes that whole "Syrian oppo has zero influence on armed rebels" crap (February 27, 2016.)
It is certainly to be hoped that perhaps this cease fire might provide a way to stop this terrible war. However it seems that this terrible conflict will not end any time soon. There are reports that the ceasefire has been violated.

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