Thursday, April 28, 2016

PCG's Jeremiah Jacques on Reddit

Recently one Redditor's comment quoting a PCG article by Jeremiah Jacques got on the front page. Jacques has often written for PCG. He has done so since August 2009. He even hosts a radio show, The Sun Also Rises, on PCG's radio station which started just last month.

Turns out PCG's Jeremiah Jacques has a profile on Reddit (Jerjacques).

Even though he is on Reddit he thinks a lot of the people on there are fanatics who support with misplaced religious like fervor acceptance of global warming and same sex unions.
This should be the top comment.... The Reddit community's militant hostility toward any one who dares question such sacred doctrines as global warming and same-sex unions really diminishes its value. Even if a user does not hail chronic masturbation as a noble virtue, he's treated like a troglodyte and crucified.... Reddit claims to be a haven for free speech and debate. It describes itself as a place “friendly to thought, relationships, arguments, and to those that wish to challenge those genres.” But that is a farce. Thank you, for making the point so strongly. (Source. Ellipses in original.)
Jacques thinks being told that many people view things contrary to PCG dogma is like being "crucified"?

Jacques also seems to view with scorn those who warn of global warming who say that excess carbon dioxide emissions are adversely affecting the weather. Such people are ridiculed as being like the Taliban.
Wrong. It is a religion. Take belief in global warming, for example, since it is one of the chief gods of the Atheist religion... Anyone who dares voice skepticism about it is lambasted as a flat-Earth know-nothing. When believers are confronted with evidence that disproves their doctrines—like, for example, the landmark study published in March showing that global temperatures have been static for 15 years even though greenhouse-gas emissions have soared in that time—it only seems to strengthen their piety. The “persecution” only fortifies their resolve. The notion of man-made climate change has become not a science, but a faith—in many cases as radical and blind as any you may find among the Taliban.
(At present I am unable to link to this post directly. But it is present on his main page here but as more posts are added this link will not have this post. Ellipses in original.) 

Often we look at the problems within the COGs and we are rightly dismayed. But the COGs also offer something to their followers, namely a sense of elitism in "knowing the truth" while the rest of the world is blinded and ignorant. We see that sense of entitlement in the comment above.

He seems to feel quite strongly about climate change and same sex unions. He brings up the same two topics in another post of his.
Among the most notable of these "certain issues" are climate change and gay marriage.
If a Redditor doesn't toe the line on these sacrosanct doctrines, his dissent is deemed blasphemy, and is summarily silenced.
It makes a mockery of Reddit's claim of being “passionately dedicated to free speech." (Source.)
Never mind how PCG views those in the other COG groups.

Here's one comment by Jeremiah Jacques which quotes an individual who has cited as being part of what some have called the Islamophobia Network. This shows just how far to the right PCG's leaders tend to be.
“As with Adolf Hitler, who promised after he gobbled up the Sudetenland that he would not take all of Czechoslovakia and did and then proceeded to move rapaciously through the rest of Europe, my feeling is we’re likely to see a similar kind of agenda playing out with Vladimir Putin,” said [Name], who served as assistant secretary of defense for international security policy in the Reagan administration.

[Name] says eastern Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia and Lithuania are all extremely vulnerable to Russian annexation. (Source.)
At one point he tried to introduce his Sabbatarian beliefs in a discussion board in Reddit. He got banned from it.
I was banned from /r/Christianity for politely showing Catholics some Bible scriptures that call their Sunday worship doctrine into question. ... I was genuinely curious about it, but they just banned me.... It was a sad and disillusioning day. (Source.)
People deserve to know about the problems present within PCG. One wonders if someone at Reddit determined which organization he belonged to and was worried about the problems within PCG.

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