Saturday, November 19, 2016

Garner Ted Armstrong Falsely Equating Palestinian Protests and Strikes with Terrorism (1977)

In a recent PCG article by Gareth Fraser the following information was mentioned.
The Plain Truth magazine interviewed the mayor for its April 1977 edition. They highlighted how despite explosions in Zion Square, protests on the West Bank and in the old city, Jerusalem was safer at night than the American cities of New York, Detroit or Houston. 
Below is the paragraph Fraser was referring to.
I interviewed Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusalem. Despite the widely known terrorist activities in the area-the bombs exploding in Zion Square, the West Bank protests, the Arab strikes and demonstrations-Jerusalem (including the Old City inhabited mostly by Arabs) is a safe city at night. One may stroll freely through all parts of the city with a feeling of security, unlike citizens living in Houston, Detroit, or New York. (Garner Ted Armstrong, Plain Truth, April 1977, p. 43.)
Note how Garner Ted Armstrong falsely equates protests, strikes and demonstrations with terrorism. This is wrong. It also shows what little regard he and Armstrongites in general have for the Palestinian people.

It is perfectly proper to refer to the bombing attack which killed 15 civilians on July 4, 1975 as terrorism but that does not explain Garner Ted Armstrong falsely equating protests, strikes and demonstrations with terrorism.

It also shows what little curiosity he had about these things. Why were Palestinians in the West Bank protesting? Why were Palestinians demonstrating? Why were Palestinians on strike risking their employment and their income for themselves and their loved ones?

But if one listened to Garner Ted Armstrong odds are such questions will never be asked much less answered.


  1. Back when I was an Ambassador College student, basically I got all of my news from, you guessed it! Ambassador College. I believe that was the very design of the organization, that all news would be filtered through the apocalyptic views of the Chancellor, since this was what would be carried into the field by those who were selected to be part of the ministry. Not a heck of a lot of academic freedom or objective thinking in that, but learning how to analyze the news was another aspect of our indoctrination.

    In one Bible Study, GTA explained to us who the Palestinians were. Since I had grown up in a largely Jewish community, everything I had ever learned of Israel was very much pro-Israel. Nothing was ever said that would give Palestinians identity, or distinguish them from other Arabic peoples. GTA did a great job of portraying their angst, but I don't recall him as having offered solutions to their displacement, which had taken place to facilitate the rebirth of Israel. Later, as Yassir Arafat's name began appearing more and more in the news, HWA did brand him as being a leader of terrorists, and opined that it would not be right to recognize him, to listen to him, or to negotiate with him in any way. This, of course paralleled Israel's own position.

    Today, Rush Limbaugh insists that the Palestinians were never recognized as a distinct or separate nation, and that they are basically generics so far as Arabs go, meaning that they could find new homes in just about any Arab nation, regardless of past history. He sees them as being part of a larger Arab conspiracy to purge Israel as a nation.

    Moderate people recognize Jerusalem to be a holy city to three of the world's larger religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There have actually been times in history when Jews and Christians found sanctuary amongst the Muslim nations. Later in his life, the front that HWA put on as "ambassador without portfolio" was actually a moderating one, one of promoting peace between Arabs and Jews. It is surprising that the Flurryites have taken on such a radicalized view, one that counters Armstrong's later work, at least if Stanley Rader's book is to be believed.


  2. Thank you for your comment.

    It is saddening to hear that Ambassador College was like that. I heard that was case elsewhere but it is still saddening to hear that so directly.

    I am surprised to learn that Garner Ted Armstrong seemed to perceive how Palestinians would view things. Thank you for mentioning that.

    You are right to note that HWA drew the line at Yasser Arafat and spoke against him.

    In regards to Rader's book I only read the first half about the receivership. It is well known that HWA cultivated relations with King Hussein, President Sadat and President Mubarak. It is unfortunate that PCG's 1% chose not to be so friendly towards such peoples.