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Part 2 of Letters to LCG's Tomorrow's World (2002-4)

Continuing from Part 1 let us continue to look at the letters published in LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World.

January-February 2002

Here's a letter from Jackson, Michigan praising LCG's "Bible Study Course" which teaches people to interpret the Bible the way LCG's leadership insists it should be viewed.
I am putting in a whole new life for myself. I am doing your Bible Study Course and I am finding answers after a lot of years of “I wonder.” I am 71 years old, so I am getting a late start. Since I have received booklets from you, I can understand a lot of questions I have had, but I still have a long way to go.
Here's a letter from Taman Daya, Malaysia sending condolences after 9/11.
I would like to send you our sincere condolences for the tragic disaster in New York and Washington. I was educated in an “American” school in Singapore. During my early school days, we used to sing “God Bless America” and the “Star Spangled Banner.” So when those events happened on September 11, suddenly I was transported back to those early days. I thank God for opening my eyes recently, as I have been reading your magazine sincerely, praying hard and keeping Christ’s Sabbath. Thank you for your good articles, to bring anyone to repentance. Please continue to give us more good news, so that everybody can be more committed to God.
Here's a letter from Cushing, Oklahoma from a prisoner. How unfortunate it is that one in such a problematic situation should be exposed to this groups attempts to recruit more tithes paying members.
I am writing to you from a penitentiary in Oklahoma. As I lay in bed one night, I caught your show on television. I was so blessed by your words and knowledge of the Bible. I am a babe in Christ but desire the sincere milk thereof. Thank you for your love, guidance, prayers and teachings to the lost world and to myself. I anxiously await receiving the booklet, Restoring Apostolic Christianity.
Here's a letter from Hillsboro, Ohio from a person who broke down after reading Meredith's booklet on the God Family doctrine. The God Family doctrine is contrary to what is taught by most Christian churches.
I was very touched by your booklet, Your Ultimate Destiny, so that I broke down and repented of my sins and gave my life to Christ. It really opened my eyes. I had never heard about all the things that you talked about in the booklet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
March-April 2002

Here's a letter from East Meten Meer, Guyana which expresses disquiet that churches today are not like the church described in the New Testament, an idea that aligns with LCG's denunciation of all churches outside of the COGs.
I looked at one of your programs two days ago, and saw you advertise a booklet titled Restoring Apostolic Christianity, which I am asking for. Every time I read the book of Acts, I see a different church than what I see today all around me, and I have the conviction that the churches today fall far short of the glory with which the Church was first established. I think there may be some answers for me in your book, and I sincerely thank you for the offer.
Here's a letter from Georgetown, Guyana from a person who at one time was preparing to adopted a monastic lifestyle.
Thank you for Tomorrow’s World and the Bible Study Course. I can tell you as one who was preparing for monastic life in my former denomination, and also being a little while with another group, how many use Scripture wrongly to prop up their own interpretation, or that of some “saint” or “prophet.” The courses I receive from you, however, are both revealing and inspiring, and are really thoroughly (as I have researched) biblical.
Here's a letter from Tacoma, Washington praising an article by Meredith about supernatural healing. Sadly the COGs has a long history of discouraging people from visiting doctors or taking medicines. Back in 1952 HWA published a booklet, also entitled Does God Heal Today?, discouraging people from seeing their doctors. Many people have been badly affected or even died because of this doctrine of death. Although LCG's leaders no longer officially teach that dangerous doctrine it is still taught by some of the other COG splinter groups.
I was just thrilled to read the article “Does God Heal Today?” by Dr. Meredith in the November-December 2001 Tomorrow’s World. It was so inspiring. I have been studying the subject of healing for the past couple of years, and this article agrees completely with what I have been finding in my own Bible.
Here's a letter from Newton Ground, St. Kitts and Ives that also praised Meredith's article about supernatural healing.
Thank you for lessons 5–8 of the Bible Study Course. I also want to express my appreciation of the article “Does God Heal Today?” in the November–December 2001 Tomorrow’s World. It was extremely focused and enlightening, revealing the truth of God’s Word.
May-June 2002

Here's a letter from San Diego from a person of Filipino heritage praising an article by John Ogwyn. Influenced by Ogwyn's article the letter implies that the Philippines suffers poverty because its population happens to be largely Catholic.
Your January-February 2002 issue of Tomorrow’s World was replete with eye-opening articles, especially the one titled “The Reformation and Religious Deception.” Reading the article made it clear to me why my dearly beloved country (the Philippines) has remained poor and people are living in squalor. Please pray for me and my family, and keep on sending me the spiritual food that I need most.
Here's a letter from Tecumseh, Oklahoma from a person who wakes up to watch LCG's recruitment broadcast at five in the morning.
I get up at 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning to watch your Tomorrow’s World program. You will never know how much God has blessed me through you, so I can understand His Word. I love the booklets you offer.
Here's a letter from Beach Park, Illinois praising an article by Richard Ames about dealing with grief in the wake of 9/11.
After the Sept. 11, 2001 attack, I appreciated the Tomorrow’s World television program and your subsequent article titled “Comfort In Times of Tragedy.” The article provides an excellent approach for people to seek the comfort and wisdom that comes from the Bible. After reading your article, I am convinced that God is providing a “wake-up call” to our country, and a “take action call” to those now being called.
Here's a letter from New Carlislie, Canada praising LCG's writings and stating that much of what is taught in mainstream churches is wrong.
I just want to say “thank you” for the free material I have received, the magazine, the literature and the Bible Study Course. I appreciate this more than words can say. I have had to change my way of thinking. The Bible says many things contrary to what we have been taught in Sunday school and church. What a revelation!
Here's a letter from Rosharon, Texas which implies that LCG's "Bible Study Course" is unlike anything else this person had taken. The author requests two booklets produced by LCG which insist that mainstream churches are illegitimate and should not be followed.
I recently started the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course. I am on my first lesson and I am enjoying it. Your Bible Study Course is like no other course that I have taken. I really like the way you present the Word. I want to thank you and your staff for all your hard work. I am writing to request Restoring Apostolic Christianity and Do You Believe the True Gospel? There are so many religions and doctrines out there today, that without a solid foundation of truth one can easily be misled.
Here's a letter from Ellisville, Mississippi praising a booklet by Meredith that implies that the final Pope will be the Antichrist able to do miracles with the power of Satan and help prop up the future European leader who LCG insists is fated to conquer the United States.
Thank you for the booklet Who or What is the Antichrist? I have never read anything like it before. I want to reread it and then study it thoroughly.
Here's a letter from Boston, Virginia praising a booklet by Meredith as being the most relevant thing this person had seen from the COGs since becoming involved with them back around 1982.
I just finished reading Dr. Meredith’s new booklet, Who or What is the Antichrist? In the 30 years since I first came in contact with God’s Work, I have not seen a more relevant booklet! May God bless the Work!
July-August 2002

Here's a letter from Hohoe, Ghana praising an article by Ames discussing dealing with grief.
I want to express my appreciation for the article “Comfort in Times of Tragedy” in the March-April 2002 Tomorrow’s World. It was enlightening, and revealed the truth of God’s Word that when we share our sorrow with our Father in heaven, He gives us comfort in times of many tribulations.
Here's a letter from Regina, Canada from a person who had suffered a lot including losing a son. It is certainly to be hoped that this person gets help regarding these crises.
I eagerly look forward to reading Tomorrow’s World. Your magazine is the only source I have found anywhere that teaches the Bible accurately and unbiased. In the past year I have lost a six year old son to cancer, suffered a divorce, job loss and have had my car stolen. With all of these disasters, your message in Tomorrow’s World keeps renewing my strength and keeps me uplifted and watching for the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work, for you are doing God’s Work.
Here's a letter from Jackson, Mississippi praising LCG's writings for insisting that people follow them based on their understanding of the Bible.
My husband and I really enjoy your truthful and enlightening teachings about the Bible. We also enjoy the fact of how you insist upon us following you in the Bible because in watching other ministers, we have found that often many scripture references are misquoted and if you don’t follow on your own, you could be misled. Thank you for being unafraid to speak truthfully and openly to the people.
Here's a letter from Clarendon, Jamaica praising LCG as a continuation of HWA's WCG.
I have been listening to your programs for some time now and I am so inspired by your preaching because so many preachers distort the Truth. The first two programs I saw with you both, I said to myself that this seems to be the follow-up of Mr. Armstrong.
Here's a letter from Tularosa, Minesota which praises a booklet by John Ogwyn promoting British Israelism as eye-opening for the author. British Israelism is inaccurate.
For some time I’ve been reading the material you have sent me. The booklet on the English speaking nations [What’s Ahead for America and Britain?] is quite an eye-opener! To boot, it seems to be happening right before our eyes! The March-April 2002 issue, with the article “Conflict Over the City of Peace” by Mr. Ogwyn, promises to be another one of your “wake-up” calls. I want to thank you for sending me these materials. All the articles are easy reading.
September-October 2002

Here's a letter from Eastwood, Australia praising LCG's belitting of "watered-down Christianity." It seems possible this person has not yet learned that LCG condemns mainstream churches as illegitimate and not worthy of being followed.
I was really impressed by your articles in the January-February 2002 Tomorrow’s World, especially the article warning Christians against falling victim to watered-down Christianity. Your article has made me sit up and take notice that someone out there is blowing the trumpet as in Isaiah 58:1, and I am excited about it
Here's a letter from Denham Springs, Louisiana praising an article by Ames that presents troubles in the Middle East as a sign that Christ will soon return.
I was just rereading the July-August 2001 Tomorrow’s World, with the cover story “The Middle East in Prophecy.” Boy, were you on the mark! I can’t wait to hear your opinion on what is going on now. I now understand more why Jesus said to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and why He wept over it. Thank you so much for caring enough to tell people the Truth.
November-December 2002

Here's a letter from Atlanta, Georgia praising LCG's recruitment magazine as being much better than a newspaper.
I love so much receiving your publications. They are truly a blessing to me because of all the information they contain. It is so much better than reading a newspaper! I also watch you on television. Between my Bible and your publications, I’m in pretty good shape! Thank you so much for all that you do.
Here's a letter from Missoula, Montana praising LCG's alarmist claims about Europe being fated to rise up as a military to conquer the United States.
Your articles are interesting and meaningful to me. Thank you for sending me your good magazine. What is happening in Europe is not on the news. Keep reporting on things.
Here's a letter from Hazard, Kentucky from a person thanking LCG for revealing "the true Jesus Christ" agreeing with LCG's claim that mainstream Christian churches are false.
I want to take this time to thank you all for a wonderful job you are doing in getting our Father’s message to the world. I am writing to thank you for sending the material I have requested over the past few months. What a joyful time I have in reading and studying your materials. You make it so understandable. You’ll never know what a blessing this information has been to me. It was your material that first brought me to the true Jesus Christ and has continued to be a major factor in the foundation of my faith. No matter how much we grow in the Word of God, it is still crucial that we have that firm foundation to stand on. I will continue to mention you and all your staff in my prayers. Please do the same for me.
Here's a letter from Toronto, Canada from a Muslim who found an article by Ames condemning adultery as interesting.
I find the magazine very useful to read though I am a Muslim. The article “Is Adultery OK?” is very good.
Here's a letter from Tshovani, Zimbabwe praising LCG's writings as revelations from God.
I’m so happy to inform you that it’s because of your magazine I am writing you this note. The magazine is so inspiring. I would like to thank the Almighty God for the revelation that He gave to me through your magazine. I’m a young Christian who has the zeal to know much about Christ through the events that are taking place in this world.
Here's a letter from Kingston, Jamaica praising a booklet by Meredith, which insists that Christ will soon return, as changing the author's entire life.
I am a very keen listener of your program each Sunday morning in my country, Jamaica. I was so impressed on this particular Sunday morning that I decided to write for your booklet Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return. I read this booklet and it has changed my entire life.
Here's a letter from Sayama-shi, Japan praising LCG's recruitment magazine and a booklet by Meredith promoting tithing to his organization.
Thank you so very much for sending me copies of Tomorrow’s World magazine and the booklet, God’s People Tithe. I need them very badly for my spiritual upliftment and progress.
January-February 2003

Here's a letter from St. Louis, Missouri from a person impressed that LCG does not solicit for money in their recruitment magazine. In fact LCG teaches its followers to pay three tithes. Perhaps this person did not see Meredith's article promoting tithing.
I just received Lesson One of your Bible Study Course. I wasted absolutely no time reading the entire thing from cover to cover. Now I will go back and deeply study each word, sentence and paragraph. I want you to know that I know these materials are not free for you to print and send me. And the fact that you do not solicit monies has greatly impressed me.
Here's a letter from Branson, Montana from a person who had decided to stop celebrating Christmas because of LCG's writings. LCG and many of the COGs ban various mainstream festivals such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays. Alienating their followers from such festivals has the effect of making them socially dependent upon the group since so much of public social life had been banned.
I can’t tell you how much my husband and I derive from your articles in Tomorrow’s World. We have been searching the scriptures for years and were convinced that no church was set up the way Christ intended. We were so frustrated that we quit going to church and instead our home became our church. Your booklet on the Sabbath was an eye opener. I have never felt right about Christmas and now I know why. Needless to say, we won’t be celebrating Christmas anymore. The articles you write are truthful and my husband and I praise God for you and your staff.
Here's another letter from Branson, Missouri from a person who read an issue of LCG's recruitment magazine after it arrived in the wrong mailbox.
I received one of your booklets in the mail. The postman put it in the wrong mailbox, and I am sorry but I read it and took down your Web site address before I put it back in the mailbox to go back to the right person.
March-April 2003

Here's one letter from Mursfreeboro, North Carolina from a person who enjoyed an article by Douglas Winnail that claimed "God's true church" was present in Britain until Catholic missionaries arrived in the seventh century. It is often taught within the COGs that "true Christians" very similar to present day COGs established themselves in the British Isles in the distant past until they were displaced by Catholics at some point in the early Middle Ages. This transition is usually placed at the time of Augustine of Canterbury in the seventh century.
I enjoy your magazine Tomorrow’s World very much, and I especially enjoyed the article “Early Christianity in Europe’s Western Isles.” In the past year, I have been seeking God and the true way to serve Him. Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of battles of the mind as far as doctrine is concerned—especially the Trinity. I would appreciate more information. Thank you very much.
Here's a letter from Surrey, Canada praising LCG's recruitment magazine as being a great source to keep up with the news.
My family and I very much enjoy reading the Tomorrow’s World magazines and booklets. In the past we have been very unclear about many issues, and you have helped us understand about end-time prophecies and about ourselves. There have been some very inspiring and enlightening articles. Your magazine is a terrific update on world events around us. Thank you ever so much!
Here's a letter from El Cajun, California from a person who shares LCG's teachings with other people.
I have enjoyed the Tomorrow’s World magazines. I even show them to a friend of mine and my husband’s friends. I would also enjoy receiving your Bible Study Course. I feel God is in my life now more than ever.
Here's a letter from Waynesville, Montana from a person whose mother apparently was influenced by the COGs.
Thank you so much for your magazines. I also watch your program every Sunday morning. Bless you for telling people the true gospel. It takes me back to my childhood, when my parents taught me the truth. There are times when you will say something and I can remember my mother saying the very same thing.
Here's a letter from San Diego, California from a person who says LCG's recruitment magazine has inspired this person to change undesirable behavior.
Tomorrow’s World magazine helps me to change my bad behavior and wake me up and learn to love God. You teach me to look up scriptures and read the Bible. I believe you help me to draw close to God. Please keep on sending me the spiritual food that I need most.
May-June 2003

Here's a letter from Branson, Montana praising LCG for its Sabbatarianism and its condemnation of Christmas.
I can’t tell you how much my husband and I derive from your articles in Tomorrow’s World. We have been searching the scriptures for years and were convinced that no church was set up the way Christ intended. We were so frustrated that we quit going to church and instead our home became our church. Your booklet on the Sabbath was an eye opener. I have never felt right about Christmas and now I know why. Needless to say, we won’t be celebrating Christmas anymore. The articles you write are truthful and my husband and I praise God for you.
In this issue the editors decided to include a letter that criticized them. This came from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and concerns an article by Ames that brought up Harry Potter while condemning the occult.
Your article of blatant Harry Potter bashing entitled “Dangers of the Occult” (September-October 2002) sickened me. Your references to it as “occult” are detestably wrong. They are books and they are kids’ imaginations. Maybe you’ve forgotten what it was like to believe in things like Santa Claus or monsters under your bed, but these things were a part of growing up. Let kids be kids! There is no spike in Satanism due to the books and you should be ashamed that you are tainting our children’s mind with this fear of nothing. Although I’m only 16 years old, I have read the books and if you think that these are dangerous tools of the Devil then you desperately need to relax. You yourself have been blinded by the Devil, spreading fear of him instead of the love of Jesus.
July-August 2003

Here's a letter from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada from a person who asked to no longer receive the recruitment magazine once this individual noticed that they denied the Trinity. Similar to HWA it is LCG's teaching that the Holy Spirit is merely a force not a person of the Holy Trinity.
I am an Anglican and belong to a wonderful church in my area. I feel so blessed to be able to worship in a church that recognizes the Holy Trinity. Reading your answer to the person in your March-April issue who asked about being born again, makes me wonder how you manage to so badly misinterpret the scriptures; you say, “At present, there are only two members in the God family—God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son!” What have you done with the Holy Spirit? He was certainly there at Jesus’ baptism and at the Day of Pentecost. Please cancel my magazine. I simply can’t believe what you purport to be the truth.
Here's a letter from Chino, California from a person who was convinced to start observing (LCG's selective interpretation of) the Sabbath after reading a booklet by Meredith promoting seventh day Sabbatarianism.
The literature that Tomorrow’s World has sent has changed my total outlook in my personal relationship with the Father and Lord Jesus Christ. When I read the Sabbath booklet, I was hurt in my spirit to the point of tears. I read all the scriptures to check for errors, my spirit was grieved to know that I was not keeping God’s day and how all the “mainstream” churches are afraid to be obedient to the Word. I started keeping the Sabbath this week from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. Thank you, and I love you all for being real.
September-October 2003

Here's a letter from Gatesville, Texas from a person who seems to have had independently adopted beliefs similar to what LCG teaches.
I have been reading the Tomorrow’s World magazines that you have recently been sending me. I have found the articles very interesting, for the subjects need addressing in our day and age in history. I have found that many authors and teachers don’t know the Scriptures well enough to be doing what they are doing. Anyway, because of these things and others I became very discouraged with mainstream Christianity. I have some very strong convictions due to my studies over the years, and it wasn’t until I started reading your magazine that I came to learn that there are others out there that believe as I do. Please keep sending me Tomorrow’s World.
Here's a letter from Tehachapi, California from a gay Christian offended at a virulently anti-LGBT article by John Ogwyn which, among other things, falsely equated homosexuals with pedophiles. This article was discussed in a previous post.
I just received the March-April 2003 issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine. I read the article entitled “From Closet to Mainstream: the Homosexual Agenda.” As a gay Christian I was offended. The article also mentioned prisoners in an untrustworthy light. I cannot imagine my Lord and Savior ever writing an article like that. Please cancel my subscription to your magazine and Bible Study Course.
Here's a letter from Lufkin, Texas from a person who expresses joy at learning LCG's teachings.
I am taking your Bible Study Course and it has truly opened my eyes to understanding the Bible. I have read the Bible for years. I am 58, and I am only now understanding God’s Word.
November-December 2003

Here's a letter from Excelsior Springs, Montana from a person who appears to have been baptized as a member of WCG back around 1979.
I was baptized some 34 years ago. During these ensuing 34 years, I have never read an article that so clearly points out why God will punish the Israelite people as “The Economics of Greed” [in the July-August 2003 issue]. I have read the prophecies and understood them as you have written in your article, and I have been baffled why nobody has been writing articles along these lines before. It is not just the corruption at corporate headquarters and political circles. It is all of us. Our entire nation (the USA) and peoples need to repent of our desire for the “American Way” or the “American Dream,” and replace it with a desire for “Thy Kingdom Come.” Thanks for the article.
Here's a letter from Brazil, Indiana praising John Ogwyn's virulently anti-LGBT article.
I want to thank you for your magazine, which sounds as a warning trumpet to this sin-sick, morally destitute nation. Your article “From Closet to Mainstream: The Homosexual Agenda” [in the May-June 2003 issue] was especially enlightening and rang with truth. God surely cannot withhold His righteous judgment from us much longer for our collective disobedience of His holy commandments. Thank you again for telling God’s Truth in your publications.
Here's a letter from Columbia, South Carolina praising a booklet by John Ogwyn that promotes LCG's doctrine of "church history," a highly problematic and inaccurate teaching. Armstrongism is actually an offshoot of the Millerite Adventists of the 1830s-1840s.
I have done a good bit of reading about church history to present. I have read most of the references you mention in God’s Church Through the Ages. This booklet compares favorably to other authoritative references. I especially appreciate that yours is completely free. Many thanks!
January-February 2004

Here's a letter from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania from a person suffering "phobia and panic attacks and depression."
I remember a telecast that Richard Ames delivered about prayer. When he asked, “What problems do you have?” I had every one of those problems he named—even phobia and panic attacks and depression. I’ve been able to have some success against phobia, but depression still rules. I’m thankful that you not only preach the good news, but you also teach about how to solve problems like my own. Thanks for being there.
Here's a letter from Chicago from a person contemplating observing Armstrongite days of worship.
Your Bible Study Course, the Tomorrow’s World magazine and the various booklets are all fascinating and true. I have learned so much from them. I pray that the spirit of God moves me to take heed and to do what the word of God says, especially keeping the Sabbath and the rest of God’s commandments.
Here's a letter from Jamestown, California from a person who has been persuaded that Christians do not go to Heaven after death.
I’ve just finished reading an article in the September–October issue of Tomorrow’s World, entitled “Two Contradictory Views.” Wow! What an inspiration; an eye-opener. I’ve always thought that heaven was the eternal reward of the saved. After reading this article and researching the scriptures you provided, I see things in a whole new and wonderful light. Thank you for the eye-opener.
Here's a letter from West Monroe, Louisiana from a person persuaded that it is wrong to worship on Sunday after reading LCG's writings.
Thank you so much for Tomorrow’s World magazine. I so enjoy the articles that are written. I had never believed we were wrong in worshiping on Sunday until I read your magazine.
Here's a letter from Nakum, Kenya from a person fascinated at LCG's proclamations about prophecies.
I am really blessed by the Tomorrow’s World magazine. It has proved a great encouragement, enlightenment and source of light to my life. We have had much to study from your articles concerning the last days prophecies. I wanted to let you know that we are indeed blessed by all these.
Here's a letter from Bangkok, Thailand from a person persuaded by LCG's writings of their legalistic views.
Thank you for the free magazine subscription. My Dad and I read them back to back, we just can’t put them down. I find them very inspiring. Your outlook on Christianity has changed my life. I thought I had all the answers to what I though was the truth, but now its quite clear to me that I was wrong in thinking that the Ten Commandments did not directly apply to me. It has changed my life.
March-April 2004

For whatever reason this issue has three letters from Chicago. Here is one of them from a person looking forward that things will improve because of LCG's writings.
I recently received your May-June 2003 issue. Before I was able to finish, I felt compelled to write. Never before have I heard or read such clear explanations of God’s Word or the Bible. I am very interested in any and all literature you have to offer. I am looking forward to writing you again to tell you how Tomorrow’s World has affected my life for the better.
Here's a letter from Sunland, California praising an article by Douglas Winnail bemoaning the state of Britain today.
Please thank Dr. Winnail for his very powerful and well-written article on the “Modern ‘Battle of Britain.’” I am sure most Americans have no idea how bad things are in Britain and, similarly, that we are traveling that very same road headed for the very same fate.
Here's a letter from Brownfield, Texas praising a booklet by Meredith which insists that Christ will soon return. Meredith has promoted such alarmist claims continuously since the 1950s and yet his dire proclamations never come to pass.
Recently a friend of mine came to me with a copy of your booklet Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return. I must say, without a doubt this book is totally, if you’ll excuse the phrase, “awesome.” I found it to be so much more than inspirational. At any rate, I just have to have this book to keep for myself to be able to reread whenever I need to not to mention to share with someone else.
Here's a letter from Chicago, Illinois saying that the author has begun to read the Bible again after being intrigued by LCG's writings.
Thank you for sending me your magazine. Believe it or not, your magazine has made me pick up my Bible again. When I received your July-August 2003 issue, it made my day. I could not stop reading it. I, like many other people, always think I know everything about God. But reading your magazine let me know: no, I don’t know everything. But I want to know. I want to learn more. So please keep on sending me your magazine.
Here's a letter from Channelview, Texas praising LCG's writings saying that they have given the author comfort concerning world events.
Tomorrow’s World magazine, and the booklets you have sent, are a blessing to me. I used to be frightened to hear about the current world events such as the crisis in the Middle East, along with the many other worldly happenings. I’m no longer frightened about such things. I now have an inner peace. After reading Tomorrow’s World and the booklets, and following up with the scriptures from the Bible, I now understand the true gospel of Jesus Christ more and more every day.
Here's a letter from Tuscaloosa, Alabama praising a newly released booklet as a masterpiece even though what it teaches it pretty much the same as what was taught in HWA's WCG decades earlier.
I want to thank you for the very inspired literature. All of the articles from cover to cover just get better and better. The new booklet, Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled, is another masterpiece as well. An old friend read your “Armageddon” issue [JulyAugust 2000] at a doctor’s office, and later started subscribing, then he later turned me on to your magazines. Thank God for that issue, and for the one responsible for putting that magazine in that doctor’s office.
Here'a a letter from Galway, Ireland from a person shocked to learn that LCG promotes some virulently anti-Catholic views and demanding his subscription be cancelled.
I have been receiving literature from you for quite some time, and found it interesting and I agreed with most of it. I was, however, shocked at the latest booklet I received, to read what you said about the pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Now I believe you are completely mixed up. I am very open to all religions. I believe they are all like bicycle wheels. God is in the middle, and all the spokes are the religions leading to God, even if people are not receiving the absolute correct teachings. I do believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the one which teaches the most truth. No matter what you say about the people in the church, I know that holy water, the Mass and the rosary are the most powerful things on this earth against evil.
Here's a letter from Fort Saint John, British Columbia from a person frustrated with mainstream churches and intrigued at what LCG has been saying.
I was blown away by what was preached on your telecast, concerning God’s intervention in world affairs. For the first time in years, I am hungry for more of what God has in store for us in tomorrow’s world. You have—or, should I say, God has through you—sparked a new desire to live by His word as His word is written. I have been saying for years that some people tend to shade His word to fit their lives, rather than adapting their lives to the word of God. The “sweet Jesus message” is all I hear in my church, and in itself is wonderful—but man cannot live on bread alone. I need as much info as you can send. I have ordered, and will continue to order, more info.
Here's a letter from Baghdad, Iraq from a person looking for answers especially because of the severe turmoil in the author's nation. The author requests booklets by John Ogwyn and Richard Ames that promote LCG's fear inducing false prophecies.
I would like to thank you so much for keeping me updated about the world’s major events from a Biblical perspective. I am so concerned with what is happening in my country, Iraq, because it has become a world news focus. I would like to request your free booklet, Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled! and also The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy, because I wish to know if it is true that the U.S. and the U.K. are really mentioned in the Holy Bible.
Shame on LCG for presenting inaccurate information to this person. This person needs accurate information not superstitious mumbo-jumbo and discredited misinformation such as the inaccurate idea that white Americans and British peoples are descended from the Biblical Israelites. This is just awful.

Here's a letter from Aberdeen, Scotland from a person bedazzled after reading Meredith's booklet about the God Family doctrine, an idea contrary to what is taught in the majority of Christian churches.
I just read the booklet Your Ultimate Destiny. Wow! Thank you. Thank you for not only showing me where I am going, but also what I have to do until that day, and how I should go about it. In Scotland, our national game is association football, or soccer, but what happened to me today was that someone just switched on the floodlights for the start of the ball game!
Here's a letter from Providence, Rhode Island praising LCG for their unorthodox teachings about the afterlife.
Each edition of the Tomorrow’s World magazine comes out more informative and educative than the last. The March-April 2004 edition, with the cover article “What Happens When You Die?” has answered all my puzzles concerning death, resurrection and the Sabbath. Thank you, and keep it up!
Here's a letter from Sayre, Pennsylvania praising LCG's God Family doctrine, a teaching that contradicts the vast majority of Christian churches.
I just read the article, “God Is Creating A Family” (March-April 2004). I do not feel that I can find within myself words to write here to express my feelings. I will just say that the article impressed me profoundly.
September-October 2004

Here's a letter from Norfolk, Virginia condemning a personal article by Meredith.
I find your article entitled “Vile Passions” (Personal, May-June 2004) extremely offensive, and your references to the AIDS epidemic angering. Are you kidding me? God will not condemn two people for wanting to commit to a faithful, loving relationship. Your article should have been titled “Vile Hatred.” You should be ashamed of yourself. I demand that you never send your publications to this home ever again.
Here's a letter from Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada from a person greatly impressed that LCG sends its booklets and magazine for free. In fact this distribution of writings for free is part of their marketing strategy. They give them away knowing that a critical mass of people will respond by giving money to them and becoming tithes paying members.
Thank you for your free booklets. I am highly in awe. I never saw a place that gave away free books without asking for a donation and no questions asked. That leaves me very curious and wondering. You seem to know something no other place I’ve visited knows. I really stress that word “know.” Please help me find what you have to give me. I want to live the rest of my life the way God wants me to, but I don’t know how to interpret His word, because there are so many different places and they all interpret differently. But, somehow, you know the right way of interpreting His words.
Here's a letter from Troy, Virginia praising LCG for supposedly telling it like it is.
I have truly and thoroughly enjoyed your Bible Study Course. I have learned more new things and truth in your studies than any other I’ve done. The difference between yours and the others is that you tell it like it is, without sugar coating. So many churches and preachers today don’t express the importance of walking in Jesus’ footsteps and keeping all of God’s commandments. I feel this is the type of message that more Christians need to hear so they’ll have more of a conviction to wake up and truly repent.
Here's a letter from Warren, Michigan praising an article by Meredith which promoted seventh day Sabbatarianism.
I have just finished reading “What Is Wrong With the Sabbath?” in your March-April 2004 issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine. As is the case with all articles and booklets I read from you, it made complete sense to me. I have felt all along, since I have become acquainted with your materials, that this is the truth. I have been searching a long time for this and I thank you for putting it out there.
November-December 2004

Here's a letter from Rock Island, Illinois a man attending a Catholic seminary who seems to view Alexander Hyslop's The Two Babylons as something worth taking at face value. That book has long ago been discredited as nonsense.
I greatly enjoy receiving and reading Tomorrow’s World magazine. I am sure that much of your literature brings readers to Christ. As a young man entering Catholic seminary, I am aware of the similarities between old pagan traditions and Catholicism, and have read The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. Some of these rituals and practices that you point out do have an alternate history behind them, which is not completely pagan in origin. My only concern is that the language directed at the Roman Catholic Church is too harsh and limited. Though I see no wrong in pointing out the pagan influences, I feel the articles fail to mention the great philosophers and theologians the church has bred. Though I strongly feel salvation is limited to Christianity, I don’t believe it is limited to one particular denomination or adherence to doctrine. In the end times, the Catholic Church too will have believers who can distinguish the false from the true.
Here's a letter from Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada from a person who had seemed to independently take stances similar to LCG's teachings.
I have been reading your magazine and booklets for some time now. I wanted you to know what a life changing experience it has been to find the things that I could find no answers for suddenly come to life and be answered. All the questions that had puzzled me for years, like the Sabbath and Christmas and Easter, also why did we not celebrate the holy days set out in the Bible like the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. How did so many of the things Jesus taught come to be discarded as no longer valid or necessary? To me God said what He meant and meant what He said. I particularly liked the article about the clean and unclean foods (“Bible Health Laws,” March-April 2004). Thank you for your magazine and the booklets, and for giving me a new and much happier outlook on my life. I feel I am a better person and one that feels much closer to God as I become better acquainted with His word.
Here's a letter from West Midlands, United Kingdom thank LCG for telling him that "atrocities" will soon occur alluding to LCG's teaching that a German led European military superpower is fated to soon conquer the United States and Britain and take the survivors as slaves just before Christ's return.
Thanks for your Christian preaching of the Word in truth, I now know the way we are heading and the forthcoming atrocities. Moreover your interpretation of the Book of Revelation is factually honest and the warnings you give are true. Thank you once again for assisting me in my search for the only way—God’s way!

It is unfortunate that LCG continues to try get new tithes paying recruits. But there is no need to worry if LCG has some special understanding of future events. They do not. God is not with them. There is no need to follow LCG to be a Christian. They want us to think that we need them. We do not. LCG are but false prophets just like HWA.

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  1. The LCG teaches the doctrines devised and advertised by a pedophile pervert who committed incest with his daughter for a decade. It is clear that LCG members don't even have the morals of convicted felons in prison.

    It's disgusting that LCG members are supporting the evils of their leadership and that they follow a lying false prophet who has a record of being unreliable, undependable and immoral.

    If these people knew what was really behind the LCG, they would avoid it like a plague because it's spiritual Ebola.

    One sensible person finally realized, "Hey, wait a minute -- this is just wrong -- and cancelled":

    "Here'a a letter from Galway, Ireland from a person shocked to learn that LCG promotes some virulently anti-Catholic views and demanding his subscription be cancelled."

    Out of all these years, just how many of these people who wrote these letters do you think stuck with the LCG?

    The good news is that Armstrongism is dying.

    Grab your shovels.

    It will soon be time to bury it.