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Reading Mark Mendiola's Article, The Scourge of Pornography (2001)

The tenth issue of LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World (January-February 2001), featured an article by Mark Mendiola of Pocatello, Idaho entitled "The Scourge of Pornography." (pp. 24-28.) This was the ninth of several articles Mendiola would write for this recruitment magazine. Here Mendiola condemns pornography and insists that it is a sign that LCG's God will soon unleash the Great Tribulation upon the United States.

Let's see what he has to say.
Pornography is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy as people from throughout the world buy staggering volumes of sexually explicit materials. Americans alone spend an estimated $8 billion a year on it, making pornography one of the most profitable industries in the United States. How can nations with Judeo-Christian underpinnings justify their massive production and consumption of such objectionable material? Historically, cultures that have repudiated morality have rotted from the inside only to collapse. (p. 24.)
Mendiola implies that pornography will cause the United States to collapse.

Mendiola exploits the Northridge earthquake of 1994 to insist that LCG's God is filled with wrath at the United States for its pornography industry.
At 4:31 a.m. on January 17, 1994, Southern California’s densely populated San Fernando Valley was jolted by the most devastating earthquake in the United States since the 1906 San Francisco temblor [sic]. Nearly 60 people were killed, 1,500 others seriously injured and 12,500 structures damaged, including major Los Angeles freeways.  
The earthquake measured 6.7 on the Richter scale. Its total damage estimate of $15 billion made it financially one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history.... Was it merely coincidence that the quake’s epicenter was at Northridge, Calif., considered the nation’s pornography capital? More than 80 percent of all video pornography made in the U.S. is filmed at Northridge studios within five miles of the epicenter.  
The destruction that occurred in the Los Angeles area is a forerunner of the national punishment coming on the U.S. and other nations in the western world for their blatant disregard of moral standards prescribed by God’s living spiritual laws, including guidelines on marriage and sexual relations. The proliferation of pornography in western society today is a disturbing cultural phenomenon, symptomatic of a hedonistic age that rejects traditional values. (p. 24.)
Earthquakes are a natural fact of life. They are caused by friction between plates in the Earth's crust. It is terrible that a natural disaster which killed so many people had been exploited in a superstitious manner.
Whether displayed behind convenience store counters or posted on the Internet, pornography is a corrosive element eating away at the vitals of civilized society. Raunchy pornographic material in various forms—including magazines, videotapes, cable television and Web sites—is easily accessible to people of all ages. (pp. 24-25.)
How knowledgeable.

He then cites a statement from Beverley LaHaye.
Calling Internet pornography the “red light district of cyberspace,” Concerned Women for America, a public policy organization founded by Beverly LaHaye in 1979, stated, “There has never been a time in history when such massive distribution of pornographic material has been paralleled. And, sadly, because of the nebulous quality of the Internet, currently very few safeguards or age-check procedures are in place to monitor its distribution.” (p. 25.)
Concerned Women for America is a prominent organization of the religious right. So often LCG and the other Armstrongite COGs vilify the mainstream churches as false Christians and even as bearing the mark of the beast by worshiping on Sunday. But here Mendiola finds it useful to cite an organization of these supposed false Christians who bear the mark of the beast to prop up his condemnation of pornography. How selective he is.

Mendiola moans that his views are not popular.
It is not popular or politically correct today to call deviant sexual behavior “perverse,” yet God shows that indulging in widespread sexual promiscuity defiles nations. History strongly attests that such nations bring punishment on themselves. The licentious ancient Greek and Roman empires and many other nations have written that lesson for all of us to consider. (p. 25.)
But what happened to the Greeks? They were conquered by the Romans and became a part of the Roman Empire. Later the Roman Empire was split into two and the Eastern Roman Empire did not fall to any foreign power until 1204 when Constantinople was sacked during the Fourth Crusade.
In 1998, 8,948 new hard-core videos hit the U.S. retail market, up from 1,275 in 1990. Many of those were produced in the Northridge, Calif. area. (p. 26.)
Once again the earthquake is exploited to make his point even though earthquakes are a natural phenomenon.

Mendiola then insists that those who enforce the law insist that "repeated exposure to pornography" lead to dangerous and illegal sexual behavior. But instead of citing any of these law enforcement officers he claims have this view he immediately cites an infamous serial killer.
Law enforcement officials who have investigated sexual abuse, rape and murder cases confirm that repeated exposure to pornography has turned many men into sexual addicts, predators and abusers. Hours before his execution in 1989, notorious serial killer Ted Bundy stated: “I have lived in prison a long time now, and I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to violence just like me. And without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography, without a question, deeply influenced and consumed by an addiction to pornography.” (p. 26.)
It is strange to see Mendiola citing a serial killer to support his argument against pornography. It is dangerous to trust people like that. They tend to be dreadfully manipulative. They cannot be trusted.

It also needs to be asked why it is that none of the editors of this recruitment magazine removed this passage? Didn't anyone above Mendiola think this passage was a bad idea? The editors of this issue were Roderick C. Meredith, Richard Ames, William Bowmer and Gary Ehman.
Yet throughout the western world, pornography is promoted and defended by those who argue it is a form of freedom and enlightenment. (p. 27.)
Who has ever called pornography "a form of ... enlightenment"?

The COGs tend to be right wing in regards to politics and Mendiola shows this by complaining about the Supreme Court legalizing pornography. I do not condemn the COGs for being right wing but it is important to note that they are right wing because it explains so much of the political stances they choose to make.
The turning point in the United States for the commercialization of pornography came in 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Miller v. California that “pornography,” but not “obscenity,” was protected by the First Amendment, muddying the issue. (p. 27.)
He then mentions that President Reagan was strict about enforcing the law against obscenity. But he complains that Clinton then was elected and that it is implied that his administration has let pornography flourish.
However, the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography was established shortly after President Ronald Reagan gave his second inaugural speech in 1985. It included an enforcement unit that aggressively prosecuted pornographers. 
“During the Reagan and Bush administrations, the Justice Department successfully prosecuted child pornographers and large-scale purveyors of obscenity; and, in the process of effectively enforcing the obscenity laws, collected millions of dollars in fines and forfeitures to offset the costs of enforcement,” Morality in Media president Robert Peters wrote in a July 28, 2000 article. 
President Bill Clinton assured voters in 1992 that “aggressive enforcement of federal obscenity laws by the Justice Department... will be a priority in the Clinton-Gore administration.” 
However, the pornography industry has exploded with unfettered success in recent years. “During the first six years of the Clinton administration, federal obscenity law enforcement declined by over 80 percent. ...” (p. 27.)
Mendiola cites this article to cast suspicion upon various organizations blaming them for the pornography industry instead of our sex hormones.
He [Russell Peters] speculated that Clinton was pressured by elitist supporters in Hollywood, the Playboy empire, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and People for the American Way to ease off enforcing obscenity laws. Scandals in his administration also made it difficult for him to urge U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to prosecute porn cases. ... Pornographers have flourished from the benevolent neglect the porn industry has enjoyed under Attorney General Reno. (p. 27.)
Strangely in all this article there is no discussion of sex hormones. The reason there is pornography is because we have natural urges that encourage reproduction partly caused by hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Mendiola fulminates about pornography and yet he seems to think that our sex hormones are a matter unworthy of mention. Think about it. That is a very strange omission. It is no use to fume against supposedly liberal elites instead of addressing our own hormones.

Another concerning thing about this article is how he seems to make little distinction between what is legal and what is illegal. He emotively mentions illegal sexual behavior and assumes that illegal behavior is caused by watching pornography but it is hard to prove something like that. That line of thought also fails to address the fact that there is legal pornography. How can one expect the government to stop that which is legal?

In the last part of this article Mendiola links his condemnation of pornography with LCG's proclamation that at some point in the near future a German led European entity of some sort will launch a war of conquest and seize control of the United States with much violence and take Americans as slaves back to Europe. This is taught to be divine punishment for behavior contrary to LCG's teachings.
Rather than being a shining beacon on a hill as President Reagan fondly envisioned, the United States exports prodigious volumes of some of the vilest material imaginable in the form of pornography. A nation that prides itself in its Judeo-Christian roots is accountable to the Living God for promulgating such filth throughout the world. (p. 28.)
Mendiola proclaims that the German led Europeans are coming.
What happened in the past to ancient Israel and Judah will recur in the future. The Bible shows a modern Babylonian Empire, spearheaded by modern Assyrians or Germans, will arise on the European continent.... Inspired by a charismatic religious leader who will denounce American and British cultures for their steep slide into immorality, including the export of pornography, the Europeans will justify unleashing horrific punishment on the U.S. and British Commonwealth peoples. (p. 28.)
This "charismatic religious leader" refers to the final Pope. It is taught within LCG that the final Pope will be granted power by Satan to perform miracles such as summoning fire from the sky to prop up a future political union between some of the nations of Europe in a union led by Germany. However such things are not made clear in this article. The COGs have been making similar dire proclamations since the 1930s and yet this dire news has always failed. It will never happen.

Mendiola insists that this supposedly coming conquest by Europe will lead to a catastrophe even worse than the Holocaust thus crudely invoking the memory of the approximately six million Jews who were so dreadfully murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators for being Jews. What dreadful behavior Mendiola shows here.
As unbelievable as it is to contemplate, American, British, Jewish and other modern Israelitish people will be plunged into national punishment even worse than the Holocaust unless they repent of their widespread immorality and sexual sins. Although they now are considered allies, the remilitarized Europeans primarily will be used by the Living Creator God to chastise modern Israel and Judah. ... [Ezekiel describes] a scenario frighteningly reminiscent of the Nazi death camps of World War II.... (p. 28.)
Mendiola's insistence that the United States will soon endure such terrible things is because he assumes that Americans are descended from the Biblical Israelites. This idea, which is known as British Israelism, is complete nonsense. British and Americans are not related to Jews in that way. Once British Israelism is exposed as incorrect much of LCG's other dire proclamations of doom awaiting the United States fall apart as well.

This claim seems unbelievable because it is unbelievable. It will never happen. LCG's 1% cannot see the future.

Mendiola then calls for repentance by embracing behavior taught by LCG's leaders. He implies that it is possible for the United States to repent and stop the conquest by the Europeans from occurring but within the COGs it is generally assumed that such a military conquest is inevitable.
It is not too late for nations in the western world to repent of their plunge into the cesspool of pornography and immorality, defiling themselves, but time is running out. 
The Bible shows when Jesus Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, He will cleanse these nations and restore their former greatness after they bitterly repent of their widespread lewdness. (p. 28.)
He then ends the article with a quote from Jeremiah.

It does not matter how many times LCG's 1% insist that the Great Tribulation is near since they cannot perceive the future. From 1953 onward their predecessors in the Radio Church of God taught that this Great Tribulation would begin in 1972 and culminate with the return of Christ in 1975 to begin the Millennium. Clearly the COGs do not know the future.

In September 2006 Mendiola left LCG and joined Dave Pack's Restored Church of God. Around 2008 he left RCG and joined Don Billingsley's Church of God-Faithful Flock.


  1. Years ago, there was a middle aged Jewish couple who owned a business in L.A., and they were some of my favorite customers. One time, as I walked into the account, the wife shreiked, covered her mouth, and turned beet red. After I finished working on their equipment, the husband explained that their Rabbi had counselled them to watch some porno videos to put some spark back into their marriage. Apparently, I had had the bad misfortune of looking very much like one of the actors in one of the videos, and the wife assumed that perhaps I did a little moonlighting. I assured them that while I had nothing against explicit films or people who enjoyed them, I would never, ever, act in one.


  2. Oh man BB,

    That is a hilarious story. It makes me curious if the incident motivated you to finally shave that moustache or sideburn relics of the seventies?

    As an aside.
    Judging from the "explicit" finds in Pompei, I am wondering if contemporary christians went about blushing and whispering walking the streets of an average Roman city.

    Or did they just cover a mosaic or hang their toga's on a phallic statue after conversion.
    Questions, questions......

    Perhaps I'll have to re read "Who are the modern Romans" again for answers to those questions.


  3. Also in a strange and twisted way you are confirming my (and Shakespeare's) theorizing that we are "all players in some kind of play".

    It also begs the question if it is a sin to participate in their phantasy by having offered to "service their needs after having prepared your equipment."

    Oh man, I gotta stop this. This is so funny.
    I'm in need of airco too.


    1. They were a nice couple, nck, and good people. They owned a cutting room, in the garment industry. The man had bought his wife a nice new Oldsmobile Cutlass with personalized license plates that read SHES N11. Because of our own Armstrongite background, I always felt a sense of kinship with Jewish people. I would never have done anything to intrude upon their marriage or to cause any other harm.

      As for the sideburns and moustache, when they were no longer stylish, I let them morph into a full beard.


  4. OH yes, I was not trying to impede on their efforts, just trying to imagine your face while confronted. That Rabbi was obviously a Freud fan, as I am a fan of Freuds son in law.

    I know about that sense of kinship. Then I went visiting an art exhibition in a former Synagogue and one of the first jewish girls I ever met jumps all over me and whispers in my ear....."they're all racist". There goes my picture of the chosen people of the book and holders of the oracles.....down the drain. And then there was nanny Fine.

    I like that rabbi. Practical religion.


    1. Their Rabbi was progressive, and very much into human rights. He had marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. Wouldn't it have been nice instead of insisting that segregation was God's way, if HWA had been in Selma with MLK? That's why I thought that HWA's support of the three religion center was bogus public relations street theatre, contrived to purchase credibility with our tithes amongst the rich and powerful whose recognition he coveted. He had passed up an opportunity to really accomplish something good right here in the USA. Imagine what extra good MLK could have accomplished with a grant from HWA! Instead, with his funding, HWA actually placed his bet against the prophecies in which he supposedly believed.


  5. Ronald Reagan only ordered the release of Nelson Mandela AFTER the collapse of the Soviet Empire safeguarding precious unique resources for the West. All other lip service was just marketing.

    It was not HWA s mission to foster social change within the white mans empire.


    1. "White man's empire"? Now, that is a true and accurate descriptive of HWA's world view, his perception of the Bible, his view of the hierarchy of rulership for the Kingdom, and his understanding of intellectual and cultural superiority. He was Anglo-centric. Of course he wouldn't want MLK and people of color to be mandated a share!


  6. Echelon//Five Eyes//1947 UKUS Intelligence sharing agreement//Seven Sisters.

    No conspiracy theories here about the source of power.

    As my friend Nathan Jessep said: There are those on the wall safeguarding the very freedoms that we enjoy and those using the very principles we abide by as a punch line on some forum.

    But yes it would have been nice to directly assist the downtrodden also.


  7. ...the earthquake is exploited to make his point...

    With such an abysmal record of predicting the future, COG authors find it safer to predict the past.
    Oh, but then there was Tyre...

  8. This idea [BI] is complete nonsense.

    Yet it remains a fundamental doctrine to scaremongering COGs. Ron Dart didn't do badly when he dropped it, along with Church Eras and Place of Safety.
    At least one COG added another country to the BI stew: Samaria. Because certain prophecies about Samaria seem to describe events in the preset-day USA, the US has been labeled "physical Israel and spiritual Samaria".
    And yet the sins that are being "cried aloud" by the "Ezekiel watchmen" include so many fringe issues - Christmas, voting, hair length, birthdays, American football...

  9. It's funny, Hoss. Several years ago, to illustrate the preposterousness of BI, I invoked the Samaritans, who lived on covenant lands, but were deliberately mongrelized during the captivity, by the introduction of gentile peoples (the Cuthites) to intermarry with the non-influential Israelites who were allowed to remain behind to work the land. The Samaritans were looked down upon by all of the Jews and Israelites who participated in the activities of Herod's Temple (commonly called the Second Temple). They were not considered to be true or authentic Israelites, but a corruption or perversion. Obviously the citizens on the street didn't come up with this on their own, that concept had to have been taught by the Pharisees and priests. So I raised the issue that even if the Germanic tribes that BI treats as pure Israelites had actually been pure (they were not) in their genealogies in the 1600s, they would soon have been so Samaritanized by all the other people who are part of the US and British melting pots that according to the precepts in the Bible, they can no longer be considered Israelites.

    At least the original Samaritans kept a semblance of the Mosaic religion, and maintained parts of the Hebrew culture. The US is so far removed from that, that the man on the street would scarcely make a connection.

    The ACOG group that added Samaria into the mix errs in that the USA, from inception, if it had anything at all in common with Israel, is physical Samaria. Samaria was a forced melting pot. The US was a voluntary one, as it was colonized by people from all around the world, not just the English. Choice of national language was actually in play at one point, with English narrowly winning out.

    The good news is that BI and the false interpretation of the prophecies will eventually fail and debunk themselves. Unfortunately, that does not help the people on whom the theory is being used to manipulate and enslave right now. They'll either die in slavery, or be held in involuntary servitude for a number of more years. When the people born in 1948 are all dead, the Olivet Discourse will have been proven not to have been linked with the rebirth of Israel as a nation.


  10. BB,

    I won't go into answering most of the questions you raise since, as you state "that is not really helping people in current bondage" by frauds.

    (for instance the hwa bi timeframe provides for both smaller Jewish and Israelite groups to have moved from the coast, way before the larger captivity, while the rest migrated from the Black Sea area after the captivity.

    Traces of this migratory speculation were inserted into early Scottish rite Masonic theorizing, inserting the Scythians into both Scottish history and the Declaration of Arbroath)

    I will add another Nckian side speculation, only to be taken seriously by fringe researchers. In Scotland traces of the migration "theorizing" merged with special knowledge passed down in circles of the descendants of the Vikings, having transformed into the Lords of the Orkneys.
    It was they who posessed important knowledge of the very factual existence of America but were technically impotent to seize the opportunity of that knowledge.

    Perhaps it was they who filtered this information to the Sea Knights of Portugal whose intelligence gathered in the ports of Scotland and perhaps disseminated to young able seaman Chris Columbus would have clearly mandated the HUGE and Exhorbitant investments for his expedition, instead of him being warranted the death penalty for repititiously petitioning the monarchs like a madman for sums that would equal a Nasa manned expedition to Mars.

    In the end very end of the story, which is actually the very start of BI theory coming to fruition it all resulted in British Officers, who in the end did proof to be unwilling to go the extra mile in battling and exterminating their "Brothers" fighting for the good cause of freedom.

    And so the "City on the Hill", "the Shining beacon of freedom" was born as a deliberate construct to further the cause of liberty, equality and brotherhood of man through the pursuit of happiness, which would amount to economic prosperity through the rules of "the unseen hand" of liberal economic principles. Laissez Faire.

    All deliberately revealed in the esoteric street plan, edifices and temples dedicated to liberty and freedom in the capital city of that glorious contruct.

    Now back to my actual question before I started musing aimlessly.

    One question you raise I have completely forgotten the answer to.

    "according to the precepts in the Bible, they can no longer be considered Israelites"

    Are there specifications in the bible for being an Israelite? And how does that match "operation Solomon and Moses" the Falasha airlift from Ethiopia by the Israeli government. Did the current jews mend their ways?

    I am completely not being antagonistic about this. It just happened to be so that your posting coincided with my pouring of that delicious liquid so promoted by the other George, (not Washington but) Clooney, being coffee that goes by the name Khazar.


  11. OK, Columbus's voyage perhaps only cost about the equivalent of 40 million dollars which would be reasonable for venture capitalists. The petitioning just did come at a very inconvenient time with al that battling of muslems at Granada etc.

    I do believe that most able seamen knew the world to be round as compared to the Church's official teaching. I do believe Columbus knew about land in the West either through his Scottish travels or more likely through sophisticated Portuguese intelligence gathered in Scotland.

    England at the time was a minor power with wool as its main export product and Italian bankers profiting. This is history but sounds like a prophecy for England I recognize.


  12. Some are interested in a factual debunking of BI. Which is fine.

    I, in many posts and different blogs, have given information as to how these "myths" and stories of "Israelites" populating the Americas have surfaced. There are many many reasons for these stories to have surfaced. The Irish 6th century monks adopting the Egyptian monastic system, the tribal migrations and consequent Merovingian claims to rulership, the crusades merging European and Middle Eastern systems of belief resulting into Masonry. The perpetuation of Masonry as a big factor in the perpetuation of the cause of liberty versus state religion and the creation of America as its project.

    In addition to the perpetuation of ideas linking the Middle East, jews and the new world I will give you another source to ponder.

    Of course non of it supports BI theory as it stands, but to know the real origins of the attempts to "connect the dots" does explain how these stories evolved over time and why people have a "sense" of being "connected" whithout having any genetic proof of it.

    The argument that some would have never heard of it if it were not for HWA is nonsense since it pervades the entire culture like "christianity, or the english language for that matter.


    1. Finally, you admit that it's all an unprovable fantasy. Over the centuries, there have been certain nations and empires that people just earnestly wanted to be part of. We call these people ****philes, as in Anglophile, Judeophile, etc. During Roman times, many people aspired to be Roman citizens.

      I vehemently disagree though, nck, with your statement that BI is as pervasive as Christianity or the English language. In fact, BI flies against traditional Christianity which embraces Paul's statement to the effect that Christians are the new Jews. One's initial reaction upon hearing of BI is that it is very chauvinistic, and possibly racist. Anyway, up until ten years ago, i had never encountered BI in the newspaper, on radio or TV, at school, at work, at the bar, or any of the typical places where one learns. It was secreted in Armstrongism. You hear of it today because there are false prophets on Christian radio and TV who have discovered that end times ministries are very lucrative because of the sense of urgency and commitment which they produce.

      Most Armstrongites know few details about UK monarchies, the Magna Carta, Norman invasions, or Greek scientists such as Eratothenes who calculated the diameter of the earth in the second century BC. As a profession, navigators of the open seas who plotted their courses based on the stars, knew by personal experience that the earth was round. They did not need secret Israelites to inform them of that. You wind Armstrongites up with the story of Tea Tephi and the Lia Fail, and they assume that the British royalty existing today must be a continuous, unbroken chain composed exclusively of Anglo-Saxons. But, people accustomed to the line of thinking which produced "The True History of the True Church" are already heavily invested in fairy tales.


  13. I do believe that most able seamen knew the world to be round as compared to the Church's official teaching.

    Except for a minority, for the past 2000 or more years the Earth was accepted as being round. How could the Catholic Church accept even the Ptolemaic view of the Solar System with a flat Earth? The argument was more of the size of the ocean.
    Apart from anti-Catholic rhetoric, the flat Earth myth is mostly the work of Washington Irving, in has biography of Columbus, which people accepted as a scholarly account.

  14. From Wikipedia:

    "The idea of a spherical earth appeared in Greek philosophy with Pythagoras (6th Century BC), although most pre-Socratics (6th to 5th Century BC) retained the flat earth model. Aristotle provided evidence for the spherical shape of the earth on empirical grounds by around 330 BC. Knowledge of the spherical earth gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world from then on."

    From the Jewish Encyclopedia:

    "The Hebrews regarded the earth as a plain or a hill figured like a hemisphere, swimming on water. Over this is arched the solid vault of heaven. To this vault are fastened the lights, the stars. So slight is this elevation that birds may rise to it, and fly along its expanse."

    Eratosthenes, who calculated the earth's circumference, was the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria, which was the premier center for the preservation of knowledge of the Hellenistic world. It was destroyed over several centuries, starting with Rome's conquest of Egypt in 30 BC.


  15. Yes and no.

    I opened with I am not going to provide more pro arguments IF the real BI adherents can not even provide them.


    Just the other day I was entertained by a 1948 John Ford flick where superstars accompanied with Irish guards "murdered an entire Indian tribe" as if 3 years previously the audience had not themselves discovered the German atrocities.

    Only that movie on itself is clear perpetuation of a myth that headens are to be exterminated like trash by the true Irish blood, playing good tribe versus canaanite. And boy it was popular at the time. That is where you encountered it in the perpetuated myths of a chosen people carrying the "white mans burden" in "barren lands." The only thing I admit is that this ideology has haf its pros and cons through history.

    As a matter of fact they discovered that ancient caananite dna is a mix of 10000 old levantine farmers and 4000 year old "iranian". Those are just modern day designations of locations. And tells us people moved by spurts, but not so much their original location.

    Since 50% mixing occurs in almost all weddings and people have moved for ever.

    All tribal designations are fictions in modern nation states. Some families or gene pools may have been more isolated for awhile. But even in the purest gene pool of all, Iceland, traces of native american or inuit can be found.

    But like John Ford understood. What matters in day to day politics are the myths and stories people hold dear to perpetuate or feel provide them with an identity even if non of it is based in reality. To act on it makes it almost real.


  16. Ok ok,

    I see I have shifted the topic of porn movies to culture and conquest.

    Back to movies
    I was just struck by Fords depiction of the Wild West as something we would recognize today as "the Afghan theatre of war."

    Powerful imagery
    Compounds or forts as beacons of civilization in barren deserts, soldiers acting and dressed like knights, swords and capes included. The heathens hiding in the hills abiding by no treaty. And the Irish descendants saving the day bringing individual heroism as a virtue.

    Back to porn
    Porn can be defined as the adoption of easy ideas, principles and actions over a more complex reality.

    Very much alike the current political climate.

    To be honest I believe all leading societies one time or another felt they were the perpetuation or fulfillment of ancient promise or prophecy or blessing.

    Perhaps mankind as a whole will be able to encapsulate that idea for themselves as being unique in this time or place in this universe.

    That famous 1969 picture of blue mother earth was a first step in mass understanding of that universal consciousness.

    (The earth logo was also used as a psychological instrument in all wcg moving picture productions as the introductory shot after the countdowm.)

    But first we have problems to solve. For instance the city of rome today suffers an immediate watershortage.

    I already noticed scoffers call upon the religious authorities to perhaps attempt and turn wine into water.