Monday, October 16, 2017

PCG Says California is Cursed by (PCG's) God

Currently the State of California is experiencing massive wildfires that have so far killed at least 40 people. PCG's response to these dreadful events is to insinuate that these fires are a sign that the State of California has been cursed by PCG's God. (Richard Palmer, Why Yet More Californian Wildfires?, October 14, 2017.)
Why is California being hit by so many fires? This is not merely a freak incident. According to California governmental statistics, the state has experienced nearly 6,000 fires so far this year. Over the same period last year, that figure was 4,400. 
The total area destroyed is also increasing. This year over 300,000 acres have burned. The five-year average over the same period is 200,000.
"Why is California being hit by so many fires?" Palmer asks. One could mention the baneful influence of climate change caused by the excess emission of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Let us look at another source to note how climate change appears to have exacerbated this dreadful situation.
Nonetheless, the California fires do align with what researchers expect to see as average temperatures rise. 
“The length of the fire season is increasing in the Mountain West,” said the University of New Mexico’s Hurteau. “The mechanism for that is in part because [as] the atmosphere warms up, the air expands and can hold more moisture.” 
This warming draws moisture out of plants, creating drier conditions earlier in the season. It also causes an earlier snowmelt in the spring, leading to more arid conditions in the summer. 
“We could have a lot more fire on these landscapes,” Hurteau said. (Vox, October 15, 2017.)
But as noted previously PCG's 1% have a history of denying or minimizing climate change in order to promote other "explanations" for various natural disasters that have occurred, such as claiming that such events are some sort of sign of the wrath of (PCG's) God for behavior contrary to PCG's teachings.

Palmer then quotes a booklet originally produced by PCG in 2011. This leads to Palmer making the following statement.
God is behind these weather disasters, and it appears California is being singularly pummeled
Palmer links to a 2007 article by PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, which insinuates that the State of California is cursed because of the receivership case with WCG in 1979-80. Gerald Flurry's PCG is an offshoot of WCG which was founded in 1989.

These allegations are ridiculous. It is grossly grotesque that this absurd and offensive superstition is being promoted while so many people are suffering. PCG's 1% are wrong to claim that the State of California is somehow cursed by their bizarre, misanthropic version of God.

Incidentally this also shows why PCG's 1% historically have insisted that climate change is not real. If they admitted that the excess emission of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases were causing or exacerbating natural disasters and bringing about climate change then they could not make this absurd and superstitious claim that the State of California is somehow cursed by PCG's God.

If PCG's 1% admitted that climate change is real then they could not claim that these fires were some sort of sign by their hate filled parody of God.

It is strange to see that people who could say something so terrible and dreadful also think that they are worthy of being followed and getting tithes from the lay members and donors outside of the organization who are called "co-workers."

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  1. When recently God hit Houston really hard of course it was because of the suburb of Pasadena. One cannot blame God for picking the wrong Pasadena in another state. It is very far away where he lives you know. And an inch of a mistake at that distance makes for several states on earth. Just so you know.