Monday, January 29, 2018

PCG Promoting Fear of Iran

While listening to Melanie Phillip's lecture at PCG headquarters, which occurred on May 7, 2017, I heard this question from the audience from a man who is likely a member of PCG. It was sad to hear someone who appears to have taken PCG's scare mongering to heart. This question occurs about 1:36:50 in the video.
You have talked about getting to the issue which is stopping people from wanting to kill Jews and eradicate Israel. And you've mentioned several times what's going on with Palestinian Authority. What's going on with Mahmoud Abbas. What's happening in the north with Hezbollah. What's happening in ... with Hamas in Gaza.
How much of this is laid at the feet of Iran? And what they are doing to promote and to push the rest of the Islamic world to hate Israel. These terrorist groups that we mentioned here. We havn't really talked much about Iran but I'd really would like to hear your views on that. And their responsibility in this as well.
The fact that he uses the word "push" to describe Iran's foreign policy is a further indication that this person is a member of PCG. PCG's leaders often use that word to describe Iran and to associate Iran with their misinterpretation of Daniel 11:40.

Ironically Phillips then says that in relation to the State of Israel's relations with the Palestinians that Iran's influence is a symptom of the crisis, not in itself a cause of tense relations with the Palestinians.

Back in 1994 PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, proclaimed Iran to be the King of the South and ever since then has scare mongered about Iran. This provides a powerful incentive for PCG's leaders to demonize Iran. By bad mouthing Iran they seek to prove that their leader can foresee the future. However PCG's numerous failed predictions prove that there is no need to fear their dire predictions.

Also just before that question Phillips mused that a simple change of signage would be enough to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now that President Trump has announced that they will move the embassy it turns out that it will take a long time to finalize everything.

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