Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mark Armstrong's Bizarre "Wag the Dog" Rant About Mass Shooting in Florida

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, grandson of HWA, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, has released yet another weekly update. (February 23, 2018.)

Let's see what he has to say.

He insists that CNN is engaged in some sort of conspiracy to use the recent massacre in Florida, in which seventeen innocent people were murdered, to take peoples' guns away.
As if following the time-honored leftist play book to the letter, the mainstream media wasn't about to let the Broward County school shooting tragedy go to waste. CNN raced to the scene to schedule their televised “town hall” meeting to be carried LIVE, nationwide. We're beginning to find out that they only wanted one viewpoint pushed and rejected participation by most everyone who had any reaction other than an emotional demand for gun control. That was most clearly demonstrated by the Broward County Sheriff, and his impassioned call for “trying something different.” That dude needs to be shown the door.
He seemingly belittles police officers all over the nation as incapable of protecting the people, thus seeming to imply that it is necessary for the people to be armed.
The theory behind gun control, is that the police can protect citizens from harm. The government, if large enough and powerful enough, can take care of the bad guys. All you have to do is contact authorities, and they'll swarm into action. You don't need to protect yourself, they claim. More guns mean more violence.
Making it harder to gain access to deadly weapons is not an option for Mark Armstrong, it seems. So he has to talk about something else. This time he states that law enforcement officers failed to stop the massacre.
The Florida example may be the worst of all time in terms of backing up the angry screams for gun confiscation. Anger is understandable and to be expected from the grieving parents, family members and friends of those defenseless teenagers, mercilessly murdered and maimed by the homicidal maniac who shot up the school. But those charged with Law enforcement dropped the ball, not once, not twice, but every single time! The F. B. I. was notified and warned twice, the second time with detailed information on the identity and location of the gunman, weeks in advance of the killings. But they did nothing.
This week it's not about the guns. It's about alleged failings of law enforcement officers.
County Sheriffs responded to numerous calls, some saying the little monster had not only threatened, but pointed his guns at people while threatening to shoot them. Time and time again they went to answer complaints, but never took the future mass murderer into custody, never hauled him off for a mental examination, and never charged him with a crime or took his guns into custody.
He continues to criticize law enforcement officers.
The latest shoe to drop, is the school's own security officer, a Sheriff, hid outside (for a full four minutes) while the massacre proceeded inside the school. Now they've got him and his home under armed guard, afraid that some infuriated parent of a murdered or maimed child might take matters into their own hands after learning of his incredible act of cowardice. Or was he told to stand down? He was seen on his radio, so that's now up for speculation.
To make his audience afraid of the government instead of the possibility of someone acquiring a deadly military weapon like the AR-15 and using it to commit criminal acts he scare mongers that "they're all calling for law abiding citizens to be required to turn in their firearms".
Conspiracy theories are sprouting like spring weeds. The F. B. I. was told this might well happen and who might do it, and never bothered to act. The local enforcement officers had dozens of complaints of violence and threats against others and did nothing. Now they're all calling for law abiding citizens to be required to turn in their firearms, as if it's the fault of the law-abiding public that this happened. “It's the NRA's fault!” Don't worry. You don't need to protect yourselves, the police are all the protection you need, they claim.
It's not about the guns, for Mark Armstrong, apparently. It's about the government acting against people like Mark Armstrong's audience.
If this is how national and local law enforcement protects people, they don't deserve much faith. It would be like relying on the mainstream media for truth! The mainstream has been lying through its teeth for so long that a vast percentage of the population no longer trusts “The Most Trusted Name in News” or any of the rest of them. We suspect there have been several instances where crimes have been committed by, or with the acquiescence of government in order to bring about a political result.
The Fast and Furious was part of a vast conspiracy by the government to convince Americans to stop buying guns, Mark Armstrong insinuates.
Anybody remember Fast and Furious? Attorney Eric Holder decided he'd rather be the first Attorney General in American history to be slapped with the charge of Contempt of Congress than expose his, and undoubtedly the former president's role in running hundreds of legal guns to Mexican drug cartels. That, apparently was part of a longer-term plan to convince the American public that legally bought and sold firearms were causing murder, mayhem and contributing to drug importation. Therefore, the government would have a responsibility to crack down on the legal purchase of firearms. Needless to say, it didn't go according to plan.
Mark Armstrong shamelessly insinuates that the mass shooting may been part of a sinister conspiracy to implement gun control of some kind. Or something. He does not elaborate on this terrible accusation of his.
We suspect the dog has been wagged on many an occasion. Bill Clinton is suspected as having been a master of the craft. When the subject absolutely positively had to be changed, a catastrophe happens and grabs all the attention for days or weeks. This school massacre had better not turn out to be one of those situations. But there are a lot of burning questions, and all the media wants to talk about is gun control.
What a dreadful and awful thing to say. It is shameful that Mark Armstrong should decide to promote such a vile accusation.

He then moans bringing forward complains that seem almost seem almost meaningless and barely grammatical.
We live amid a whirlwind of scams, false promises, false accusations, fake news, and unabashed mainstream deception. They're everywhere. How many times a day does your phone ring with some recording, or foreign operator lying to you about your interest in their plan? How many false claims appear in the column beside every web page? How much nonsense have mainstream outlets pumped out? 
He ends his conspiratorial polemic with complaining that those people he does not like are seeking to "control the population". In other words he is telling his audience to disregard those people, whoever Mark Armstrong says they are, and instead listen to Mark Armstrong since he implies that knows how to not not be controlled by those people he does not like.
Deception is being used to manipulate people, whether for gain or for the success of some movement or other. Apparently, it works. People make fortunes. Causes have been stoked, riots started, cities burned and looted. We've seen it, and we've seen the mainstream media in active participation. May God help us to not react emotionally or immediately to every whiff of “information.” We should have learned by now, that the goal is control of the population and the achievement of ends, whatever means are required. There are more lessons to be learned, and more scams to avoid. Thank God we still have some Liberties that allow us freedom of movement, freedom of association and freedom of thought. Most of the world doesn't.  
What a dreadful and disgusting rant Mark Armstrong has devised this time. It is dreadful that he implied that someone wagged the dog regarding this mass shooting, implying that someone with authority and power wanted this massacre to occur. The public deserves to know what sort of things Mark Armstrong is saying to his followers.


  1. I hope his church people don’t think that this example of “incredible wisdom” is original with Mark. I pay close attention to what left wing and right wing sources have to comment about various issues and events. Mark has just cobbled together the comments from the right. I’d heard all of this by Friday afternoon, well prior to reading this blog entry.

    The second amendment was intended to protect the citizenry against tyranny. The US military (Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines) is generally prohibited from acting domestically against its own citizens. The National Guard has a dual purpose which includes action during domestic states of emergency. The assault weapons are seen by strict interpreters of the second amendment as being necessary for citizens because of the sophisticated weaponry of the National Guard. In an exercise of tyranny, government forces would quickly overrun citizens who were limited to hand guns, shot guns, and rifles.

    I don’t know what the solution is to these school shootings. People did not generally take guns to school when I was a student. We had a rifle club at school, and an annual turkey shoot before each Thanksgiving, in which the best marksmen in the school shooting range won a turkey for his family. Those were much simpler times. I wonder if mentally unstable students would quickly find alternatives if assault weapons were no longer available. Pipe bombs, pressure cooker bombs, and molotov cocktails are relatively easy to make. Somewhere in the equation, better detection and enforcement need to come into play.


  2. Bob,
    It is mental illness as the root of this issue.

    1. I agree to an extent. One aspect to this that I have not seen discussed as part of the issue is that several decades ago, advocates for the mentally ill brought lawsuits to prevent mental patients who were deemed not dangerous to themselves or others from being held indefinitely against their will. We've seen information following these shootings to the effect that people close to the shooters knew that there was something wrong with these individuals. One of the challenges in dealing with them is that mental health professionals will not diagnose a person under age 18 as being a sociopath, although they might fit all other points defining the diagnosis "sociopath".

      One would think that in this latest case, in which law enforcement had 29 calls over a period of some months or years related to this individual, that some sort of mental or medical observation would have been indicated. But, who initiates this? Parents, or step parents, often can't afford the exorbitant costs, even with insurance. The hoops and red tape involved in obtaining taxpayer funded public assistance can be overwhelming, and the care when finally orchestrated is often substandard. Republicans are against big brother government becoming more invested in healthcare, and Democrats are predisposed instead towards a gun grab, so have no compulsion towards proper mental care from either major party.

      The rhetoric is escalating, but I really don't expect anything more than Bandaid solutions for a long, long time.


  3. And, meanwhile, on one of Mark’s other favorite topics, temperatures on the North Pole over the weekend surged above freezing, in the dead of winter in a place where the sun will not rise until March 10.

    So much for “junk science”. Sooner or later, he’s going to have to acknowledge that global climate change is not a Chinese conspiracy to bring down the US lifestyle.


    1. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I've followed Mark's trail of ranting for some time, waiting for him to provide some support beyond the 5% of objecting scientists. Unless it's hot in Tyler, Increasing Average Global Temperature is considered a hoax.