Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mark Armstrong Says "the Right Thing to Do" is Wrong

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, has released another weekly update (April 27, 2018). Let's see what he has to say.

Presumably a lot of people spend a lot of time, effort and money to keep the Intercontinental Church of God up and running. Normally weekly updates are used to discuss developments within the organization. But this week apparently nothing worth mentioning happened within the organization so Mark Armstrong continues with his favorite theme, namely defending his preferred president.

First he praises his preferred president with the recent diplomatic moves with North Korea.
Greetings from Tyler, 
Good news has been in short supply, especially in the dominant media.  We never expected to see peace break out on the Korean peninsula.  Contrary to every expert expectation in the mainstream media, that shocking reality appears to be in the works.  Who thought Kim Jong-un would be stepping across the border with South Korea to clasp raised hands with President Moon Jae-in to declare “No More War,” which is today's banner headline.
He complains about those opposed to his preferred president.
How is it that Trump didn't blow up the world with his insulting tweets?  The mainstream trotted out a bevy of experts to declare that Trump was crazy, that he was going to push the North Korean dictator to unleash an onslaught upon Seoul, killing millions of innocent civilians.  Trump needed to be declared mentally unfit for office and removed before he touched off World War III, and on and on it went. 
He gets his audience to be prepared to disregard criticism of his preferred president.
Last week the breathless CNN reporter from on-location declared that he was “speechless” at the turn-around in attitude and stated intentions from North Korean leadership.  It simply couldn't be that Donald Trump made a believer out of Little Rocket man!  War plans were in the offing, and no amount of dire threats or covert diplomacy could alter reality.  Prepare yourself now for the mainstream media to explain why the current peace overtures had nothing to do with the mentally deranged ego-maniac Donald Trump.  Isn't that their job?  Isn't that what they have to do next?  Well, yes, it is.  Either that or suffer a loss of face that is simply unacceptable.  Hopefully their sneers, smirks and disgusted expressions have been permanently retained as a part of the record that will forever brand them as “reporters” of fake news. 
Seeking to teach his followers to disregard criticism of his preferred president he cites one of his previous weekly updates complaining of the widespread concern that there may have been some sort of collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russian officials in the 2016 presidential election.
Expert predictions by mainstream outlets have been way off the mark, in case no one's noticed.  There was simply no way Trump could ever win the presidency, it couldn't happen.  When it did happen, it had to be a fraudulent outcome based on Russian meddling.  An edition of this update from twelve months ago said, “If you've looked in on the chattering experts at all you know that the 'reporting' has gone far beyond negativity.  It has consisted primarily of endless speculation that president-elect Trump and his campaign team were 'potentially colluding' with Russian intelligence to “hack the election,” an act that should constitute nothing short of treason.  It's been the biggest, longest-running speculative news story, perhaps of all time.” 
But if the story is so phony why hasn't it gone away? According to Mark Armstrong there is a massive conspiracy within law enforcement agencies to remove his preferred president from office.
Needless to say, it's a whole year later and still they repeat the same mantra, even while ignoring hard evidence that the whole Russia-collusion story was a hoax cooked up by the opposing party and “investigated” to the nth degree by high officials of every American law enforcement agency.  Even though the ruse is exposed to millions (though a small percentage of the population), those highly educated, brilliant officials are playing dumb.  Former FBI Director Comey still doesn't know who paid for the “unverified and salacious dossier” (as he described it under oath).  It's his foggy recollection that it was an insignificant part of the application to the secret FISA court for a warrant to eavesdrop and spy on the Trump campaign. 
Even though there is much debate and discussion advocating many of views Mark Armstrong implies that those opposed to his preferred president simply support whatever President Obama decided to do even if a decision of his "involved technical violations of protocol and law."
A theme has begun to develop in all this.  It appears that whatever seemed “right” in the eyes of officials appointed under the Obama administration should be done for the “greater good,” even if it involved technical violations of protocol and law.  It was the fallback position of nearly everything we witnessed over eight years, whether authorizing illegal aliens to remain in the United States, socializing the medical establishment or sending cargo planes loaded with cash to Iran, it was always “the right thing to do,” never mind the pesky details of the Constitution or the Law. 
Suddenly acts that occurred under President Obama are somehow linked with the alleged massive conspiracy to supposedly overthrow Mark Armstrong's preferred president.
Ridding the White House of Donald Trump was, “the right thing to do,” regardless of the details of policy, protocol and law, and that's what the Obama FBI, CIA and State Department set out to do.  Proof is in their own internal communications, many of which have been published, many more are being slow-walked or concealed by hold-over officials still in place.  Most remain convinced that driving Trump from office is their highest calling, and if laws are broken in the process, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
He then mentions the tragic case of Alfie Evans. He makes the inflammatory accusation that British health authorities are hindering his access to health care so that they can be perceived as correct.
The glory of Britain's socialist health care is once again on full display.  You've probably seen the likeness of the 23-month-old baby the UK has ordered to be removed from life support.  His parents want their baby released to travel to Italy for additional efforts to save his life.  But British authorities can't allow that to happen.  What if he lives?  That would call all their life-ending decisions into question.  They said the baby would die within minutes of having the ventilator removed.  But much to their dismay, he's breathing on his own.  Now there is a legal battle the government medical authorities can't afford to lose, and it's a mighty dicey situation they find themselves in, hoping a baby won't survive so their government-run health care system won't be embarrassed. 
He mentions President Macron and Chancellor Merkel visiting President Trump. Mark Armstrong implied the media ignored it to weaken his preferred president. He also scare mongered that Chancellor Merkel might cause Muslims to migrate to the United States once again indulging in some crass Islamophobia to keep his followers afraid of the world outside of the organization.
This week saw one of the more impressive State visits in recent memory.  Sure, the President of France and his wife were here to lobby the president on three or four specific issues, like the Iran Deal, Paris Climate Accords and the tenure of U. S. troops in Syria.  There were no signs of capitulation on any of those fronts from President Trump, but the 250-year alliance between the U. S. and France were formally celebrated, and largely ignored if not concealed by a media determined that nothing good could ever come from a Trump presidency.  Angela Merkel is visiting the White House today, where she'll try to convince the President that a vast Muslim influx was “the right thing to do” for Europe.
He then complains that “the right thing to do” is very wrong. He condemns gay people as is very common among the COGs. He even makes the wild accusation that the State of California may make the Bible illegal.
Have you noticed what's happened?  We've arrived at a time and place where “the right thing,” according to mainstream conventional wisdom, violates reason if not reality.  Flooding the country with undocumented foreigners is the “right thing to do” unless, of course you're a racist.  Acquiescing to everything “gay,” including marriage is “the right thing to do,” unless of course you're “homophobe,” literally a made-up word meant to slime traditional Christians.  If the pope had his way there would be no such thing as a “traditional” Christian, certainly not one that believes in the Bible.  California legislators are considering passing a law outlawing “hate speech.”  And you know what that means.  God's Word, the ultimate Law on which those evil “traditional” laws are based may be declared illegal by the California legislature, because of course it's the “right thing to do!” 

And so we see that Mark Armstrong has released another weekly update. And his followers continue to send money to this organization.


  1. Whatever prompted Kim Jong-un to make his step across the border, it was a momentous move. And, as far as I know, no COGprophet saw that coming...

    1. I worry about veiled intentions and a hostile takeover. In putting together a mix, I would doubt that Kim Jong Un would be taking a back seat. I also can’t see him repudiating Chinese style communism. This doesn’t have the same aura about it as the tear down of the Berlin wall. As a consumer of South Korean goods, the US has much vested interest in whatever develops. Samsung electronics are in almost every US household, and Kia and Hyundai automobiles are very popular.


  2. "This doesn’t have the same aura about it as the tear down of the Berlin wall."

    Maybe it has.
    German Unification came through a deal between the EC, Germany - Russia and the USA.

    Kim's sudden overture might just be the result of a deal between China and the USA.

    I don't know what Trump promised China in exchange for Chinese leverage on N Korea. Trade of course.