Sunday, September 15, 2019

Photo of Roland Robidoux, Leader of Infamous Baby Staving Cult in Attleboro

Above is a photo featuring Roland Robidoux. The photo was taken as part of a ten year anniversary celebration for Concord, New Hampshire on November 13, 1976. (Worldwide News, January 5, 1977, p.5.)

Robidoux would later leave WCG but he would lead his family in Attleboro, Massachusetts, as a sort of small COG splinter group that called itself "The Body" of Christ. In time his son, Jacques Robidoux, arose as a leader of this splinter group.

The group gained infamy after it was discovered that Jacques' one year old son, Samuel Robidoux, had been starved to death in obedience with an alleged revelation from God, passing away on April 25, 1999. Jacques Robidoux was convicted of first degree murder and remains in prison to this day.

Roland Robidoux died on May 16, 2006.

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