Saturday, August 8, 2020

Mark Armstrong Displays Shocking Ignorance About the Coronavirus

It is becoming increasingly clear that despite widespread public discussion of this topic Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, has a dreadfully abysmal understanding of the coronavirus. He is listening to bad advice.

It is well known that many people who get the coronavirus only have mild symptoms and some have no symptoms at all but they are still spreading it to other people who are vulnerable. Consequently they are isolating themselves and informing people they had been in contact with in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

But Mark Armstrong ignores these vital facts and promotes his ignorance among his followers.

But who knows what's going on with these 99.9% accurate tests? We don't give medical advice, but possibly the worst thing one could do, from the standpoint of retaining any modicum of personal freedom, is to go get tested. 

We know from numerous anecdotal stories and reports that a lot of people test “positive” who aren't sick, haven't been sick and don't plan on being sick. Once somebody tests positive, they're liable to lose whatever freedoms they thought they still had. You'll likely be told (not asked) that you must take yourself out of circulation for ten days to two weeks. Official state agencies may try to contact you, demanding to know every place you've been and everyone with whom you've had contact. They're called “contact tracers,” by media. We have other terms. Surely the information being gathered isn't going into some politically-oriented database? (Mark Armstrong, Weekly Update, August 7, 2020.)

Who is he listening to? Mark Armstrong's sources of (mis)information have left him badly informed about this topic. His followers would be well advised to ignore his scare mongering.

Mark Armstrong is playing with fire choosing to ignore the seriousness of the current crisis and to indulging in partisan mud slinging instead of helping people to get through these trying times. 


  1. We are all a product of nature and nurture - look at the family from which Mark came (HWA and GTA). While no tests are always accurate, they are one of the only means available to us right now to attempt to track and control this invisible enemy. Mark's advice to his followers is not just stupid - it's potentially lethal! Finally, horror of horrors, the thought that anyone would be asked to surrender some measure of freedom for two weeks to protect others! Imagine the people who are willing to follow this guy's advice!

  2. Unfortunately, this is no longer about a few weeks, but a semi-permanent decree. A free person makes his choice whether good or bad and lives or dies by the decision.

    1. What happens when your decision causes someone else to die?

  3. Replies
    1. That sounds a lot like "It is what it is." And NO, that's death. You're rights end when they threaten to deprive me of mine!

  4. I am in support of people doing anything they want within a free, democratic society until they infringe on my rights.

    Governments around the world are running a-muck with their draconian enforcement of wearing a mask.

    Wear a mask or stay home if you are vulnerable or afraid.

  5. I would never ask the majority of people to sacrifice their liberties for my personal comfort. Anyone who does is a coward.