Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dave Pack's Latest Announcement

Banned by HWA has reported (here and here) that Dave Pack has released another letter (about 7779 words long) insisting his church is the one true church.

I was amused when he said
great numbers of brethren have become content to let their leaders do their thinking for them—and with ETERNAL LIFE at stake! This letter will not help such ill-informed, easily seduced, “obedient” people.
What a blatant example of projection. The COG members were taught to behave obediently by HWA and the leadership in old WCG, including Dave Pack, and are simply faithfully following what HWA and Co taught.

I was disgusted when I saw this. 
United’s leaders are now working in a “cooperative” tandem with a large group that Mr. Armstrong’s son led away in rebellion over 35 years ago [Church of God International] is merely the latest outrage they commit against God, Mr. Armstrong’s legacy and their docile membership who are so willing to let them get away with their deceit.
It is disgusting that Pack wishes to incite that old hatred against those who courageously resisted HWA's tyranny out of loyalty to HWA's teachings. It seems to me many COG followers have moved on from that feud.

At present, despite his humiliating prophetic failure last year, there is no hope that RCG will be moving in a positive direction or that Pack will be moving away from his authoritarian way in the foreseeable future.

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