Friday, January 3, 2014

HWA Tells Us How to Have a Shower

Authoritarian totalist groups such as HWA's WCG often have a poor sense of personal boundaries. The cult leaders will often devise all sorts of rules and regulations for their followers in even the intimate and mundane aspects of their lives in order to build a sense of dependency upon the cult leaders in the minds of the followers.

This was true of HWA and his WCG. Yet another example of this may be seen in how HWA advised WCG members how to have a shower. This peculiar advise come out in a series of comments from Banned by HWA from an anonymous commenter and Dennis Diehl.

truth is found when people probe, ask, question, and search for it. Not when they blindly accept what one man says as absolute, even if it's all the way down to the way he showers each morning.
Dennis C. Diehl replied:
" Not when they blindly accept what one man says as absolute, even if it's all the way down to the way he showers each morning."

You got me laughing here! You have to be an insider to know how everyonce in awhile we'd be reminded that HWA used a "brisk towel to rub himself down after a shower" lol. That was the beginning of too much information right there!

I believe RCM [Roderick C. Meredith] informed us of this fact for some reason
Anonymous replied:
... regarding the shower and rub down with a brisk towel, yes I am an insider, ... Yes, I've heard the minister clones talk about the brisk rub-down too, in fact years ago one minister boldly said in a sermon, (loudly), "Mr. Armstrong does a brisk rub down with a towel after he showers, and IF THE APOSTLE does it, DO IT!!!" If I had had the sense of humor then that I have now, I think I would have bust out laughing. Didn't have the courage to when I was younger, but I always thought it was most odd. Not even the Queen of England shares her bathing techniques with her subjects. ... 
Thinking about this sort of dysfunctional behaviour from HWA does not surprise me one little bit. It is only further proof that HWA's WCG was a cult that had a terrible destructive influence upon most of its members.


  1. The real trouble is that in his deluded mind, Herbert Armstrong thought that a good towel rub down after a shower was an excellent substitute for exercise: He was very wrong about that -- there isn't any substitute for exercise.

    And that is why we had a Roly-Poly Apostle -- that, and the fact that he was a gluten (but not for punishment, that's for sure). What was he, 5'2" tall by 5'2" around?

  2. Gluten? Gluten?

    Oh, dear!

    He was a glutton.

    And it showed because he probably had to much gluten!