Sunday, January 26, 2014

PCG: Vladimir Putin is the Prince of Rosh

Gerald Flurry has stated he is about 99% certain that Vladimir Putin was prophesied in the Bible as the Prince of Rosh. I stated this in a previous post but this deserves its own post.
What is he going to say to his followers when Putin inevitably losses power and is succeeded by another?

Considering the dreadful track record COG leaders have in predicting events they are the last people who should claim they can predict the future.


  1. Not to worry: There have been at least 5 Beast of Revelation and no one seems the least bit perturbed each time when the old one just doesn't make it and is replaced by a new one.

  2. I'm not worried. I just want people to be aware of this latest twist to Armstrongite prophetic speculation that PCG has added now. I see when the Orange Revolution of 2005 was underway PCG was also speculating then that this could cause some cataclysmic catastrophe. And of course World War III did not happen.