Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PCG Fear Mongering About Ukraine Since 2005

Recently PCG has been spreading alarmist news about the crisis in Ukraine, as noted in a previous post.

PCG has long used turmoil in Ukraine as an excuse to indulge in fear inducing speculations, as they do with many other issues. This is what PCG's Ryan Malone and the late Ron Fraser wrote regarding the Orange Revolution in Ukraine way back in 2005.
You need to watch events as they play out in Eastern Europe! At issue is the future of global order. The stakes could hardly be higher!

Ukraine’s future is held in the balance. But not for long. Soon the line will be drawn between rising imperial Russia and the eastward spreading, reviving, old Holy Roman Empire, in its present guise of the EU. What you see playing out in Ukraine will seal the fate of millions—a fate, in the short term, far, far worse than anything that the first two rounds of world war ever witnessed. 

Thank God that after this holocaust, peace will finally reign under the sway of the only power with real and tangible hope to guarantee it, the very Prince of Peace Himself! (Drawing the Line, Philadelphia Trumpet, January 2005.)
This strong emphasis on fear inducing speculations is a method of social control that the PCG leadership inflicts upon their followers in order to manipulate them into remaining with PCG and continuing to pay three tithes to them.

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