Wednesday, January 15, 2014

UCG Members Practicing Shunning

Here is a tragic post left by an anonymous commenter at Banned by HWA.
I live somewhat near UCG's HQ, so most people around here who "left the fold" who I'm in contact with are people who have been shunned in a nasty way by current UCG members- people who were once their longtime friends.
I know that UCG doesn't "teach" shunning like Pack's church does, but apparently many of it's members think it's the thing to do.
That is a terrible thing to do. It is utterly dreadful that UCG members choose to shun or punish people for not conforming with UCG's authoritarian rule. Such behavior is disgusting.

If these UCG members wonder why their church is not respected by others it is because of such terrible behavior as that.

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