Thursday, January 9, 2014

Debbie Armstrong on HWA's Incest: A Comment

I saw this comment by Head Usher at Banned by HWA concerning the Deborah Armstrong interview. Most intriguing are his comments regarding what she knew about HWA's incest.

Here is the comment in full.
I listened to the Troy Fitzgerald interview with Debbie Armstrong, Dwight's daughter, in part because since she's wound up about the same place as I have in terms of believing I figured she might offer some straight scoop into the inner workings of the Armstrong family, but also because I never heard or knew anything about Dwight except for the hymns, of course. In the last 15 minutes, they cover the incest issue.

I had already come to the conclusion that incest rumors were true only because it came up as an issue in the Ramona divorce proceedings. Rumors with no substance are not real issues and would be a frivolous waste of time for high-priced lawyers and busy judges acting in official capacities.

Debbie said that it was kept quiet in the family, mostly for the sake of Dorothy, which is understandable. However, she says that her mother and one of HWA's grandsons both confirmed to her that was true. In addition, she said that neither Dorothy, nor anyone else in the family ever denied it. She said that HWA definitely had hang-ups with sex, and that the one thing he ever gave her was an autographed copy of TMDIS, which she though was a very strange gesture. Kudos to Debbie for being willing to set the record straight to whatever limited degree she can.

These two testimonies may be the closest to "proof" that HWA was, in fact, not just a criminal for his white-collar crimes (fraud), but so far from anything we'd consider "godly" that he's also the type of criminal who has a life expectancy of only weeks if locked up with other criminals (child molester). The HWA this country bumpkin is imagining doesn't correspond in the slightest to the real, genital warts-'n'-all HWA. Say what you will, but hardly a man I'd expect to be "used by god" in any case.

The other thing is that HWA's total disconnect between what he preached and his sex life isn't unusual for highly successful conservative preachers. It's a phenomenon I'll never understand. For my part, religion is questionable, but organized religion is an anathema.
Further evidence, as though any more were needed, that Herbert W. Armstrong committed incest with his daughter, Dorothy Armstrong.


  1. And funnily enough, Ambassador Report editor John Trechak and others were wildly accused of being insane for even repeating this. I agree it's good to get the record set straight, and I do hope it awakens people still caught up in Armstrongism to the fact that Armstrong WAS a religious charlatan - and even arrogant enough to let it affect the closest thing to any normal human, family...

  2. I have great admiration for those who decided to make this information public knowing it could cause great personal problems for them, especially David Robinson, who was sued in order to prevent his book getting published. It was often noted that HWA did not claim Robinson was lying, but merely that it violated his privacy.

  3. None of this has anything to do with his teachings. His teachings were much more biblical than any other version of Christianity I know of.

  4. David was the worst kind and incomparable. But God loved him despite his wrong doings.

    1. David had remorse and his sins weren't hidden unlike Armstrong's.

    2. David repented, but paid dearly for his sins, being publicly humiliated by the Prophet Nathan, and his own son publicly having sex with his concubines.And bloodshed never left his family until the end of his days. Herbert never repented, and his name has become a byword for corrupt, crooked cult leaders.