Tuesday, January 21, 2014

David Hulme The Shunner

I just read this horrifying story written by Sasha Veljic, an ex-member of David Hulme's cult, (who apparently devised the group's name), which may be read on page two of the latest issue of The Journal.

(Hat tip: Gavin Rumney at Otagosh.)
I have just learned of the most recent developments in the Church of God an International Community [CGIC] organization. [See the related articles beginning on page 1 of this issue of THE JOURNAL.]

As you know, I used to be a very active member in it once upon a time. In fact, it was I who suggested its name in a letter and that is how it got the name. In fact, I was one of the founders of that organization in Europe.

However, I constantly faced all kinds of obstructions coming from David Hulme. Eight years ago I was silently removed from it by the order of David Hulme. The reason was that I maintained contact with various Sabbath- keepers and I refused to be fenced into the boundaries of the CGIC.

Anyway, my point is not to dwell on David Hulme and his fallacies. I would rather say a word of condolence to the grieving brethren.

I was strictly forbidden eight years ago to communicate with anyone from that organization. So what is going on right now with other members is what I experienced eight years ago. Therefore I empathize with their pain and sorrow.

If I could offer a comforting word, an encouraging comment, an optimistic statement, that would be fine with me. I will be happy to answer any questions in that regard.

One major change that happened with my beliefs is that I have rejected entirely the hierarchical “government of God” concept and, over the years, especially from 2009, I have strengthened my belief about Israel.
What a horrifying glimpse of the cruel oppression David Hulme and collaborators imposes upon his followers. One good thing about this presently unfolding schism is that it has brought cruel acts such as this to public attention.

Rumney also points out that The Journal "includes a photograph of Hulme's house on Marengo Avenue in Pasadena, which also serves as church HQ. How convenient." You may see this photo on page 8.

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