Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Humbling of LCG's Douglas Winnail?

While reading through the latest issue of LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World (January-February 2014), I could not help but notice that Douglas Winnail did not have an article in it. I then saw that the previous issue (November-December 2013) did not have an article of his either. I then went through all the other issues. He had an article in every previous issue without exception since the magazine's founding in 1999.

This immediately caught my attention because previously he had always had an article within Tomorrow's World. I well remember when I got caught up within Armstrongism he always had an article in Tomorrow's World.

He also had no article in the latest issue of Living Church News.

However he still writes the weekly update as he has done since November 2005. 

I cannot help but wonder if this is a sign that Douglas Winnail has fallen out of favor with Meredith and the leaders of LCG.

I decided to share this information at Banned by HWA. In response an anonymous commenter stated that Winnail has been displaced in LCG's pecking order by Gerald Weston.
LCG Power Struggles-- At the feast in Indian Wells, Rod Meredith announced that Gerald Weston was now #3 behind Meredith and Ames, but in front of Winnail! Is Winnail on the outs? Is Weston preparing to assume the hammer from Meredith?
Of course it is impossible for me to independently confirm this.

However I will say that Weston did have a full length article in the latest Tomorrow's World issue. This would support the idea that Weston has supplanted Douglas Winnail.

Gerald Weston first appeared in Tomorrow's World with a short article in the September-October 2003 issue. Then from 2005-7 he wrote a "Tomorrow's Youth" column which appeared every two issues. He appears to have replaced by Phil Sena starting in 2008. He then wrote one article in 2008 and did not appear again until 2012 when he got a column discussing events in Canada entitled "Oh Canada". It appeared once in 2012 and twice in 2013. Now in 2014 he appears to have been promoted with a full length article in the January-February 2014 issue, which I thought was dreadfully vague. I struggled to summarize it when I made my post about that issue.

Also Weston is also one of the presenters for the Tomorrow's World telecast. Winnail never presented the TV program.

I cannot help but wonder if LCG's post-Meredith power struggle is already beginning.


  1. There is also the possibility that he has some sort of unannounced serious illness. I hope that is not true, but it would also explain things.


  2. What is the intent of writing these articles? Is it to build or to tear down? Is it to inform or to misinform? What are facts?
    If HWA got it all wrong, who got it right? Any?