Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bob Thiel Condemns Women's "Immodest" Dresses

The self appointed, unordained false prophet, Bob Thiel, has released yet another screed condemning supposed immorality in order to isolate and alienate his followers from mainstream society.

Western cultures['] increased acceptance of public displays of flesh.

Whether it is on television or the movies, or a sunny day, there seems to be an increased acceptance in Western societies to display more and more uncovered, and normally female, flesh. 
Is pornography harmless fun? Does the Bible teach anything about it? How are Western societies becoming more accepting of it 
It used to be the pornography was considered to be obscene and much of it was illegal.
Until at least some time in the 1970s, full frontal adult female nudity was not even allowed in the USA in what have been called “dirty magazines.”  This, for one example, had been considered as obscene. 
The USA, and much of the rest of the world, has gone beyond full nudity in pornography. From what I have read, various heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual acts are now portrayed. And while I have never seen what used to be called a “X-rated” movie, it is my understanding that they show those type of sexual acts.
He blames pornography for helping to spread the Internet and making the Internet a part of modern life.
Sadly, pornography is growing in acceptance in the Western world at least. 
For a significant amount of time, revenues from pornography are what primarily propelled the initial growth of the internet. And while there are many additional commercial and other purposes for the internet, the pornography is still big business on the internet. The internet tends to reduce the embarrassment and personal shame some have about letting others know that they view pornography. 
Mostly, on the internet from what I hear, internet purchasers of pornography go for what is called ‘hard-core pornography’ and viewing a variety of sex acts of a wide and often perverse nature. But it is not just porn websites, “adult’ book stores, and dirty magazines that feature pornography.
Also Thiel makes sure he states how he hates how women are dressing themselves today. As is so typical in the COGs, the leaders feel bizarrely compelled to control "their" women by ordering what they can or cannot not wear.

Why are COG leaders so desperate to control women? It is disgusting behavior. They need to grow out of such madness.

The real purpose of these dictates is to isolate his followers from society so that they only associate with fellow CCOG members. It becomes harder to disregard what Bob Thiel says if most of your friends are also listening to him and doing what he says to a greater or lesser degree.
Furthermore, what was considered immoral dress in the mid-20th century is now more modest dress than many young females wear. Another trend, which is appearing in the USA as well as Europe is the trend for women’s clothing to become more and more sheer.  So sheer, that one can often look through the clothing to the skin (slips and other covering items are often missing). This is not a positive trend but is another that I wanted to mention and it is a type of pornography. ... 
The Western nations no longer seem to highly prize modesty in female apparel (though female politicians tend to remain modest in their dress).  Immodesty in dress is now mainly considered to be acceptable or simply daring, as opposed to being immoral by many. 
What is considered to be acceptable dress for public display (mainly for females) continues to the trend to show more skin, more cleavage (and more and more women have decided to have “breast enhancement” apparently for display), and more of their figures.  This is not good. And this is not just limited to television or the movies. 
For one example, America Online (AOL), on a more than weekly basis, seems to have a news item about some female celebrity who has made the news for how sexually-inappropriately she was dressed.  AOL seems to feature this to get more page views so that it can generate more advertising revenues.
Even dancing is too sexually suggestive and is accursed.
AOL, of course, is not the only organization to utilize what is probably now considered to be “soft pornography” (now considered nudity or near nudity, as opposed to “hard-core” which apparently has more to do with nudity combined with various sexual acts/positions) to get people’s attention–a highly popular “conservative” news program on Fox that I try to avoid uses sex and semi-pornography as well, as do other organizations.  Although I do not personally watch it, popular television shows like Dancing with the Stars seem to promote a type of erotic soft pornography that “respectable people” in the past would have shunned.  Yet, Dancing with the Stars has been one of the most popular television programs in the USA. 
From what I have been able to determine, because of the inappropriate actions, combined with media success of female singers such as “Lady Gaga,” Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, many female celebrities seem to think that they need to resort to taking actions somewhat closer to their levels in order to get media coverage.  Instead of this turning the media off, the media often publicizes and promotes such poor immoral behavior. 
...these females (and their promoters) believe that this is harmless entertainment that will help careers, it is not without cost...
When I heard how in olden days some religious ministers forbade dancing I thought they were crazy. I now see that Bob Thiel has joined the ranks of such people.

What an astoundingly narrow minded and pathetic view to maintain about mainstream culture.

How terrible it is that Bob Thiel seeks to isolate his followers by alienating them from the surrounding society in order to isolate them within his cult and, through the peer pressure of follow members, force them to conform to his authoritarian rule (and pay tithes to him).

Thankfully very few people will listen to his nonsensical screeds.

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