Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is Ukraine Crisis is "a Giant Step [towards] World War III"? (PCG)

No doubt the current crisis in Ukraine must be very severe. It is a terrible crisis Ukraine is going through at the moment.

But is it a sign that World War III is just around the corner?

PCG seems to think so.

Here is the blurb for a recent episode of their Key of David show.
There has been a supreme crisis in the country of Ukraine, located between Russia and Europe—some of our best media journalists have said it is a monumental crisis. This event will change the course of world history. It’s going to take us a giant step closer to World War III, and you’re going to see that happen.
PCG has been utterly shameless in trying to claim that they predicted events before they happened when in fact they did not. They did that after 9/11. They did that when the Libyan Revolution began. They are doing that again. Other COG splinter groups such as LCG and the unordained, self appointed false prophet Bob Thiel have indulged in these absurd and ludicrous ideas and speculations.

Gerald Flurry says he is 99% certain that Vladimir Putin is the Prince of Rosh mentioned in Ezekiel 38.

HWA, the man PCG claims to follow, said Jesus Christ would return in 1975. He said in his last book, Mystery of the Ages, that Christ had to return within twenty years, by 2005, at the latest. (PCG has since removed this statement.)

I wonder how many Key of David viewers know that Gerald Flurry has historically been bizarrely fixated upon shunning unwanted people.

I wonder how PCG will hide this when this false prophecy fails?

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