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Stephen Flurry on the Situation in Fallujah, Iraq

On January 8, 2014 edition of PCG's Trumpet Daily, Where Americans Died in Vain, discussing Iraqi insurgents' capture of Fallujah from the Iraqi government.

Considering that the PCG leadership were going to discuss recent events in Iraq I was curious what they had to say. The following are some notes I took while watching this show.

Let us begin:

Steven Flurry says these events are not surprising. "Not that any of this surprises us by any means. But still to see how fast America is falling ... it's stunning in many ways."

Says of Fallujah's fall: "Devastating blows to America's might and prestige around the world."

Brings up Leviticus 26 within two minutes.

"As if we've shifted into the fast lane" towards national destruction since 9/11. (2 minutes.)

He cites HWA's book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Says you should read it and study it.

He says "sins curses". It should be "curses sins." (3)

Seven minutes in and it is just a rehash of HWA's false prophecy that America is doomed.

Says Iraqi insurgents' take over of Fallujah is a foretaste of what will happen once America falls.

Afghanistan invasion was "fairly impressive show of strength." (In Stephen Flurry's speaking style faint praise is damning, at least in these Trumpet Weekly shows.)

Mentions how George Bush labeled Iran as a member of the "axis of evil." Says it is one thing to say it is, another to actually do something about. Says we, meaning the PCG leadership, identified Iran as "the head of the snake." (9)

What more should the US have done? He does not say. As far as I can tell he seems to imply the US should have invaded Iran.

(I hope no Iranians are watching this. I hope they understand PCG is a pathetically small and insignificant group outside of the small bubble it has.)

Let me digress here. It is PCG's peculiar dogma, set by Gerald Flurry, that Iran will be the King of the South. He is following this dogma. This idea that Iran is somehow the mastermind of terrorism, the head of the snake, is based on delusional dogma, not on reality. It completely ignores the complicated political situation in the Middle East. This is why PCG stated Iran is the true threat immediately after 9/11, even though Iran had nothing to do with 9/11.

He quotes November 2001 Philadelphia Trumpet article saying Iran will survive intact and survive stronger than ever.

Again, why bring up Iran? They had nothing to do with 9/11. Iran is hostile towards Al Qaeda. They went to war with each other in the Iraq War.

He quotes Melanie Phillips, a right wing commenter from Britain, who says America faces the prospects of seeing its sacrifices in Iraq rendered in vain.

He says Iraq has returned to chaotic state and is now more dangerous than before 9/11, he says. (12)

Says Iraq is under Iran's control. Even if there is a civil war Iran will maintain a secure hold over Iraq.

He portrays a 2003 Philadelphia Trumpet article as a remarkably far seeing prophecy that Iran will seize control of Iraq. (13)

What have we show for what we did in the war? he asks. Strength spent in vain. (15)

The same thing will happen in Afghanistan, he assures us. Quotes Melanie Phillips to support his speculations and says that things will get even worse. (16)

Laments that McCain and Kerry are unwilling to do anything to gain victory. He cites this as evidence of America's weakness. Says Iraq was certainly better with US troops in it. (17)

Scares people by citing larger US debt and then punch line: says it will get worse. (18)

Quotes Melanie Phillips to say the US is extremely foolish to loosen sanctions against Iran and claims it is setting the stage for Iran to get nuclear weapons. (19)

At one point Phillips says Iran is now America's best friend. This is a factually absurd statement. She is simply being dramatic with her words, which is part of her job as a columnist.

Stephen Flurry uses these to say that PCG's prophecy that Iran would survive the initial lashing out in 2001 to become stronger than ever has been fulfilled. (19-20)

"We have empowered the King of the South." (20)

Fallujah "tiny preview" of the chaos soon to come. This will lead to world war. (21)

If you scoff at that look at the articles in 2001-3 and you will see that what we said occurred as we predicted. (21-22)

I remember very well reading the November 2001 article when it first came out. What Stephen Flurry does not mention is that his father (and leader) Gerald Flurry also stated that 9/11 symbolized the start of "the last hour." Later, in 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, an article in the Philadelphia Trumpet stated we had entered the last half of the last hour. All of this is well documented in Bob Thiel's article regarding PCG. (Please note Bob Thiel runs his own COG cult group and will try to persuade you to support him.) None of this is mentioned by Stephen Flurry. He selectively ignores these statements because he knows it will not sound persuasive if he mentions these inconvenient facts.

Boasts six million copies of United States and Britain in Prophecy have been sent since it was first published. (22)

Britain's sun has already set and America is afraid to use its power. Raises his voice. (23)

Quotes HWA's lament that the US could not conquer North Vietnam. (24)

Promotes PCG's booklet, He was Right, insisting HWA was correct. (24-25)

There are numerous false prophecies that most powerfully states that HWA was wrong again and again and again. HWA was wrong when he said Mussolini was the Beast, that Hitler was the Beast, that Christ would return in 1936, then after World War II, then in 1975, then in Mystery of the Ages he said Christ would return by 2005 (PCG has removed this statement in their copies), etc.

Cites an article, America has won its last war. Insists no war has gone well for the US since World War II. Can you think of any? he asks. "No You can't." (24-25) 

I can. Grenada in 1983. Libya in 2011. (You try telling Gaddafi the war did not end well for the US.) America won the Gulf War of 1991 in that it succeeded in forcing Iraq to leave Kuwait. This is contrary to HWA's insistence that America won its last war. HWA was certainly wrong on this matter.

Also The Painful Truth has useful comments on this matter.
39) 1950's/60's/70's [Plain Truth]: US will never win another war; note - 1982 Grenada [sic]; 1989 Panama; 1991 Iraq, then rated 4th largest army in the world, destroyed in 40 days.
Stephen Flurry states He was Right will be updated and reprinted in April or May. (25)

Says of The United States and Britain in Prophecy, "You need it. You need this book today. ... It explains what is happening in the world." (25)

The United States and Britain in Prophecy does this by insisting that Americans are descended from ancient Israelites. This idea is known as British Israelism, an idea which has been around since at least 1794. There is a problem. British Israelism is not true. The DNA evidence is 100% clear. There is no genetic link between the ancient Israelites and white Europeans. HWA was wrong again.

And so the show ends.

I will also say now this show would be misleading to the uninitiated as there is no indication in this show that PCG believes it will be Europe that will destroy America. 

All in all it is an utterly derivative and unimaginative regurgitation of HWA's false prophecy that America is doomed based on the completely false idea of British Israelism. There is nothing worth seeing here. He hardly even discusses what is actually happening in Iraq.

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