Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sudan's War Against its Southern Minorities

The doctrines of Armstrongism have caused many of its followers to have a rather skewed view of current events. Here is one story their dogmas will lead them to ignore.

Recently Sudan waged a campaign of war against its people in the South striving to destroy their local societies and forcibly unite within the strictly defined national community the leaders at Khartoum have been futilely trying to create for decades. A sad continuation of Khartoum's bloody attempt to crush the non-Muslim, non-Arabic population of the south that they have waged for decades.

A rare glimpse of this tragic and ignored war can be seen in the documentary, Eyes of Nuba, which chronicles the life and struggles of Ahmed Khatir as he documents the deadly campaign of violence Sudan has been inflicting upon the peoples of the south. 

Among the events in this program include a remarkable interview with anti-Khartoum rebels while standing around a tank they had captured from Sudanese governmental forces, an interview with a civilian whose house had been bombed by Sudanese forces, and a screening of his footage to the people at night.

At one point, Ahmad Khatir, who happens to be a Muslim, notes this war is not about religion, as it is often portrayed, noting that Sudanese governmental forces have destroyed mosques in their brutal campaign to subjugate the south. 

Here is a real news story that deserves more attention.

The documentary is Eyes of Nuba.

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