Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prophetic Revisionism: Mario Hernandez' 'Review of Prophecy' and 1982 Abridged

The following is a quick summary of my previous post:
  • Hoeh wrote that the Times of the Gentiles will end in 1982 (539 BC-AD 1982)
  • It will end with Jesus Christ solidifying total world domination, several years after his return.
  • This prophecy has failed and is now useless, so a new meaning must be given to it to make it relevant for today.
  • This is done in order to scare believers to think that despite numerous failed prophecies the end is coming.
  • Mario Hernandez then alters this prophecy so that now the end of the Times of the Gentiles, which in the original interpretation was the end of human rebellion against God, it has now become the beginning of the final revival of the Roman Empire from 1982 onwards.
  • The end of the Times of the Gentiles is now identified with a speech of the Pope calling for European unity.
  • Thus members are taught that this is the beginning of fearful things when originally it was to be the end of fear.
  • This is evidence that among Armstrongite ministers prophecy is altered in order to keep members in fear of the future and cause them to look to the church for protection.
  • A true minister of God would not resort to convenient alterations of old, failed prophecies to keep the loyalty of his flock.


  1. Redfox, Your archive of blogs indicates you object when you believe people are lying to you.
    You have been challenged to correct your own lie which is, "They [LCG] actually expect you to pay them three tithes! You are bound to pay them thirty percent of all your money."
    Why have you not corrected this lie? And if you still hold to it please provide documented evidence that LCG expects 30% of a member's income.

  2. Paris,

    The LCG does not expect to receive 30% of a person's income. However, all Armstrong groups expect their members to keep three tithes. One tithe is paid regularly to the church, one tithe is set aside regularly and is used for church functions (all excess is to be given to the church), and one tithe is paid every third year. That's 30% of a person's income.

    You can call it a "lie" all you wish, but all you're doing is playing semantics. Three tithes are commanded by Armstrong.

    That doesn't include the 7 Holy Day offerings, and free will offerings whenever they can be spared. So, in total, during 'third tithe' years, in excess of 30% of a person's income is expected to be set aside for church use.

  3. I gotta tell ya, Redfox, you need to shoot me an email.

  4. Well, thank you, xHWA. You got one statement correct. That was, "The LCG does not expect to receive 30% of a person's income." To say otherwise is indeed a lie.

    I would encourage everyone to carefully read the rest of your posting and to enjoy the mathematically hilarious.

  5. Paris, I take it you are a LCG convert?

  6. Paris,

    What part do you find "mathematically hilarious"? The 10% + 10% + 10% = 30% part, or the 30% + (holy day offerings + freewill offerings) = >30% part?