Friday, January 16, 2009

Why 1975? Abridged

That last post was a bit long, so I have added this shortened version for those who wish to get some idea of the (false) reasoning used by HWA and Co. to conclude that Jesus Christ 'had to' return in 1975.

The explanation goes something like this:

And so after using various ideas and concepts which are explained in the last blog HWA and Co. arrived at the following conclusions:
  • The Times of the Gentiles (2520 years from fall of Babylon 539 BC-1982) ends when Jesus Christ solidifies total world domination.
  • Jesus Christ must therefore return before 1982.
  • There is a prophetic significance to the Hebrew Calendar and 19 year time cycles.
  • The Apostolic Church was only able to preach the truth for two 19 year time cycles (AD 31-69) before fleeing to a place of safety.
  • The Radio Church of God will only have two 19 year time cycles (January 7, 1934-January 7, 1972) before fleeing to a place of safety, probably Petra.
  • The Great Tribulation lasts for three and a half years till the return of Jesus Christ (1972-1975).
  • Jesus Christ gradually establishes total world domination (1975-1982).
  • Times of the Gentiles end (1982).
All that gives us the following timeline:

31-50: Church preaches to Jews.
50-69: Church preaches to Gentiles.
69: Church flees to 'place of safety' (Pella).
1934-1953: Church preach to USA.
1953-1972: Church preach to world.
1972-1975: Church flees to Petra and world endures Great Tribulation ending with the Second Coming.
1975 -1982: Christ solidifies total world domination. Gog and Magog defeated.
1982: Times of the Gentiles ends with Christ having total world domination.

And this is why thousands of people in the 1950s and 1960s became convinced that Jesus Christ would return in 1975. Those who claim that HWA and Co. did not preach this are wrong.


  1. While I agree with you that Dr. Meredith is presiding over a heresy, it does not logically follow that Mr. Armstrong was the leader of a cult. Many members of the Catholic church claimed to be followers of Peter and Paul, yet the same men often condoned homosexuality and the abuse of boys by the clergy. Are we to conclude that Peter and Paul were leaders of a cult, because of the perverted behaviour of those who claimed to follow them?

    In addition, now that you have been "enlightened," why are you afraid to say who you are? Are you just an "enlightened" coward? Why should any body take you seriously, when you are only willing to hurl abuse at people, while hiding in the shadows?

  2. Hah! Pay no attention to Tom Mahon - he still thinks HWA was "right" about 1975 in Prophecy. How could anyone be stupider than that?

  3. 1975. One of my more beloved false prophecies caused me to make this just short of 1/2 hour video.

  4. Corky said...

    >>Hah! Pay no attention to Tom Mahon - he still thinks HWA was "right" about 1975 in Prophecy.<<

    Once again, you are sadly mistaken! What I actually don't believe, is that people die from listening to sermons. But, unlike you, I know they die because of sin.

  5. Hey Tom, go play webmaster and lecture somewhere else.

  6. Let's compare:
    "Are you just an 'enlightened' coward"
    "you are only willing to hurl abuse at people"

    I think I detect just a little hypocrisy here.

    That's a pretty malicious accusation. I don't recall any Bible verse where Christ dealt with conflict in this fashion.

    (1 PET. 2: 1) Therefore, laying aside all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking...

    Hypocrisy and malice and evil speaking being sins, and the commenter freely says "[people] die because of sin"... well, what can we conclude here?
    The word "repent" comes to mind. Along with "gentleness" and "patience".

  7. xHWA said...

    Tom>>"Are you just an 'enlightened' coward"
    "you are only willing to hurl abuse at people"<<

    YOU>>I think I detect just a little hypocrisy here.<<

    Jesus was neither afraid to add his name to his comments nor criticise those who sniped at people from the shadows. If Jesus is your role model, why not walk in his footsteps?

  8. Jesus didn't walk up to the Pharisees and say "All you stupid Pharisees do is hurl abuse." What Jesus Christ DID say, He said on authority from God for the benefit of the reader. And I'm pretty certain that's not what you're doing.
    So, if you think you're following Christ by doing so, then please re-read I PET. 2: 1

    Because RedFox doesn't choose to add his name and SS# right out front doesn't make him a coward. You come from a hurtful spirit of accusation, and I personally feel you owe him an apology. Have you ever considered asking him nicely if there is a legitimate reason why he doesn't want to put his personal info on the Internet for the world (and future employers) to see for generations to come?

    With every hurtful slander you toss at RedFox, I ask myself "Do Tom's words match what I read about Christ?" And then I have to say "no". So I ask myself, "If I were not a Christian, and I was reading Tom's words, would I have a good outlook on Christ from them?" And again I say "no". You are to be a light on a hill, Tom, not a sniper on a hill. Christ said "bless", and "do not return evil for evil". Jesus was gentle and patient, and He came to heal the sick. I have to say that as a third party, I see RedFox as closer to the ideal than you are being. It would appear that you should pull the proverbial beam from the eye. I say that for your benefit, not to beat on you.