Sunday, August 2, 2009

How I Came to Read the Truth about HWA (Addition)

I have made an addition to the previous blog just after I discussed Here is that addition.
I did not read this site's argument that the distinction made in Armstrongism between the "Law of God" (The Ten Commandments) which is said to be eternal and the "Law of Moses" which is said to be temporary and ceremonial, is false. You can read that article here.

Nor did I read Question 10: "How could Adam, Noah and Abraham keep the Sabbath, when Deuteronomy 5:2-4 says that the 10 commandment covenant...was "not made with any of the fathers of Israel who lived before Moses.""

Or Question 11: "If we must follow the example of Jesus in all things like keeping the Sabbath, then why do Sabbatarians not follow the example of Jesus in circumcision, animal sacrifices and keeping Passover?" I wish I kept this in mind when LCG persuaded me to become a Sabbatarian. Although this web site is mainly focused on Seventh Day Adventism much of that material is just as applicable to Armstrongism.

Perhaps here would be a good place to say I have added two articles concerning RCG's Dave Pack in the links section. I have also been able to link back to a good article detailing how HWA actually discovered British-Israelism.


  1. Well you would have got some of the answers to the questions on sacrifices on my site, if Gavin hadn't bothered to deliberately censor it from his site. Just go to sacrifices on my blog.

  2. My site speaks the truth and investigates doctrines, issues others run away from. It is not popular because the blind prefer to be led into the ditch. People prefer to stay in their own comfort zone. No, they don't want to investigate the Koran, animal sacrifices, tassels, circumcision, or anything outside of their own closed minds.

  3. When Yeshua secured atonement for us in the world to come, he accomplished something amazing and of enormous significance. However, it applies only in the heavenly Tabernacle and that future world. Until that world is fully realized, the same rules continue to apply in a physical, earthly Temple.

    Animal sacrifices are needed if there is a physical Temple. They do not remove sin, remove the "state of uncleanness" (ie. the purity laws) so that a person may enter the Temple.

    Tassel apply today, no law in the NT ever abolishes them.

  4. "it applies only in the heavenly Tabernacle and that future world."

    Name one verse in the Bible that declares what you've just stated so dogmatically.

    (EPH. 5: 2) Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma

    (HEB. 10: 12) He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever

    If Jesus' sacrifice applies only to the temple in the future (which it does not), then we all are yet dead in our sins, and without hope. No man will be in the "world to come" without an atonement for our sins, NOW, from Christ who was crucified before the world began.

    "Tassel apply today, no law in the NT ever abolishes them."

    Spoken like a true faithless legalist dedicated to disobedience against the gospel. Ever learning but never coming to the understanding of the truth. You who think to teach the law, do you not even know the law at all? Concerning a covenant agreement, when one party dies, the entire covenant is abolished (ROM. 7: 2-3; I COR. 7: 39; II COR. 3: 13; EPH. 2: 15). A wife Israel was, and her husband died indeed. There need be no new law to abolish the old law. According to the very law you misrepresent, the death of Christ abolishes the whole thing!

    You stumble at the stumbling stone and rock of offense. It is no surprise that you also do not understand the law (GAL. 3: all), or the current temple (I COR. 3: 16-17; 6: 19), or the current priesthood (HEB. 7: 24; I PET. 2: 5, 9), or the sacrifices continually offered (ROM. 12: 1; EPH. 5: 2; PHP. 2: 17; HEB. 13: 15-16; I PET. 2: 5).

    Who has bewitched you(GAL. 3: 1)? Why do you test God (ACTS 15: 10)?