Saturday, August 29, 2009

HWA vs. Ellen White

In one post xHWA commented on the comparisons between HWA and Ellen G. White. Because of my readings on the Wednesday Crucifixion doctrine it occurred to me that EGW outdid HWA in gaining the trust of the denomination.

HWA tried to influence COG7 to adopt his eclectic beliefs but he got kicked out for it.

EGW on the other hand was able to rally the entire Seventh Day Adventist Church behind her.

Clearly she was far more successful in convincing people within her denomination than HWA was. EGW went into the Adventist movement and she came to gain leadership among most who accepted the Sabbath.

HWA had to go away and build up his own following.


  1. On top of that, Ellen White still has most SDA's behind her now.

    I know this after spending several months with SDA's, while searching for COG alternatives. The Sabbath School Quarterlies quote from her practically every week. Adventist ministers on 3ABN and Radio 74 quote from her often, and sometimes spend whole messages defending her.

    The only major COG spinoff I see treating Herbert Armstrong in this way is PCG. To its credit, UCG has tried to move on.

  2. There is a lot of history to be dug up. For example, when I wrote the post you linked to, I had only begun to scratch the surface. I tell you what, though, rabbit hole of HWA's theological influences goes deep!

    I have a hunch you'll try to dig up more info on this, RF -- and I for one can't wait to read all about it!