Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Back to Africa?

I was reading this interview of The Times with Nick Griffin, leader of the infamous far right British National Party. In former days the party used to be explicitely racist although it has softened its openly racist character in recent times and now professes to be 'ethno-nationalist'. Though they still oppose interracial marriage.

Here he offers this advice on what the USA should do with African-Americans.
He thinks American blacks should have been resettled in Africa “because the two peoples living side by side would cause problems forever”.
This seems very similar to advice the April, 1957, Plain Truth gave in the article, 'The Race Question'. Here Hoeh advises African-Americans to go back to Africa.
America could have solved the whole race question by providing a home in Africa and putting all Negroes [sic] back on their rightful, God-given inheritance. (p. 23.)
Doesn't he know about Liberia? That country was established in the 1820s by Americans in order to be an African home for freed slaves and gained independence in 1847. Not every freed slave went there. So this solution has already been tried by some.
The whole problem would have been solved if the Negroes had been restored to their rightful inheritance in Africa....The Negro [sic] should have been returned to his rightful inheritance in Africa, just as Egypt should have returned the enslaved Israelites to Palestine. (p. 23.)
Where in Africa? There are many different tribes speaking different languages. The African-Americans' ancestors came from all over Africa and, unlike the enslaved Israelites, they do not know their ancestors' place of origin. So, based on his thinking, they do not know what their 'rightful inheritance' is anyway.

So this is very bad advice for African-Americans. Impossible.

It also ignores the fact that there are ethnic communities scattered all over the world. This advice denies the reality of such things. It is the product of a severe dogmatism that is not based on reality.

I find it strange and disturbing to see an extremist politician offer advice very similar to that given in The Plain Truth.


  1. Another sensible article here as always! As an African Canadian I remember this "going back to Africa" nonsense when I was growing up in the historic WCG. Not even bigoted whites liked the idea,there were even blacks who just was crazy about it. Thank God for exposing some "realities" about this strage bizzare fantasy. Canadian I was born and Canadian will die. The racists can stick it where the sun don't shine!

  2. Methinks Herman Hoeh rethought that position after 1957. As I recall, He became a big supporter and friend of ethnic Thais in southern California before his death.