Friday, January 15, 2010

HWA Plagiarism from J. H. Allen

I was just reading Exit and Support Network's letters page and there's new website analyzing HWA's plagiarism from J. H. Allen's book on British-Israelism.

This may be seen at

Furthermore concerning the definition of plagiarism the letter makes this very good point.
Many people misunderstand what plagiarism is. Some think it is simply copying word-for-word. They do not seem to realize that it also includes copying ideas and passing them off as one's own.
I have previously highlighted how Stephen Flurry and Gary Rethford did this when discussing HWA's plagiarism concerning British-Israelism. They pretended that the argument was whether or not HWA 'copied' Allen word for word, ignoring the fact that plagiarism also refers to stealing ideas.


  1. Just for the record; can you show us where HWA passed off British-Israelism (as you call it) as his own idea? I ask this since your definition includes passing an idea off as one's own.

  2. HWA got many of his ideas from 19th century writers of adventist doctrines(ie, the B/I theory, not only from Richard Brothers who used the idea to promote the British monarchy during the 1700s, but also from John Wilson's "Our Israelitish Origin," written in the mid 19th century)

    If you haven't read "Ambassadors of Armstrongism" by Paul N.Benware(copyright 1984) it is a worthwhile read on the plagiarisms of HWA, as taken from other religions.

    In fact Benware states on pg 150-"There is no major teaching held by the Worldwide Church of God that does not somewhere appear in another group."

  3. Again, I ask Redfox, can you show us where HWA passed off British-Israelism as his own idea?

    Or did he not?