Thursday, March 11, 2010

"New Light": Now Where Have I Heard That Before?

So I reading writings from the Bethel Church of God, an offshoot of Raymond Cole's Church of God, the Eternal, which split off from WCG after the 1974 changes. Bethel Church of God continues to adhere to the two doctrines which WCG changed in 1974. Monday Pentecost and that ghastly Divorce and Remarriage doctrine which required divorced and remarried spouses to divorce in order to even enter the cult.

So I was reading their article, The Doctrine Of Pentecost – How And Why It Was Changed!, and while discussing the change in regards to Divorce and Remarriage it mentioned something that caught my eye.

Take a look.

Mr. Armstrong wrote to the entire Church about the “new light on marriage and divorce.”

Where did he get that expression from?

From the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Whenever they change a doctrine, which happens on a regular basis, they simply say thought restricting cliches that it is 'new light,' 'the light gets brighter,' etc.

Here is further evidence of how much HWA was influenced by the Watchtower Cult.

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