Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Origins of the TSA Enhanced Pat Down Terror

Do you know how difficult it is to get just about every American to agree on a single issue?

We’ve finally found one. The TSA’s taxpayer funded coercion and terrorism and intimidation to force, intimidate, scare, people into using the full body scanners which were bought during a fit of hysteria.

The TSA’s liberty destroying dictators are simply too cowardly to admit they have made an expensive mistake buying ineffective and intrusive full body scanners that many people do not want to endure. The TSA do not want to admit they made an expensive mistake so they have lashed out at the entire world and have begun this unimaginable campaign of enhanced pat down terror to force people to use full body scanners.

First they were just incompetent buying the full body scanners. Now they have returned the US into barbarism.

They have not just gone beyond the moral event horizon they just soared right over it and away from it in a faster than light spaceship.

I remember once reading a book about 100 tyrants. J. Eager Hoover and Joseph McCarthy were in there. I have no doubt that those responsible for the Enhanced Pat Down Terror will be included in such a book just twenty years from now. The real reason for TSA Terror: It’s to intimidate and coerce you into the "porno scanners" which the Government has foolishly bought in a fit of hysteria. This post is essential reading.

Important info: Airports can opt out of using the TSA and provide alternative security. This line of escape should be used as much as possible.

This offers a great deconstruction of the trite and deceptive clichés the TSA are using to justify this unimaginable destruction of liberty.

"I wouldn't want my wife to be touched in the way that these folks are being touched."

[The head of the TSA John] Pistole conceded "reasonable people can disagree" on how to properly balance safety at the nation's airports but he asserted the new security measures are necessary because of intelligence on latest attack methods that might be used by terrorists.

This is a common tactics of those who seek to destroy liberty: We have to do it for your security.

This is tyranny.

Threaten? You should say destroy.

This is from the right wing Newsreal Blog:

Americans have become subject to Peeping Tom airport X-ray scanners and full body groping. New TSA rules claim to prevent terrorists from blowing up airports and planes, but scanners won’t protect America from another 9/11. They will, however, violate travelers’ Fourth Amendment rights to be secure in their persons.

Americans should be up in arms over Superman X-ray vision machines: TSA scanners see the naked body through clothing. Libertarians at Lew rightly condemn this unconstitutional violation, because, if one rejects full-body scans, one must be subjected to full body gropings many liken to rape. You won’t find conservative feminists like me disagreeing with that analysis.

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Penn Jillette calls Cops on groping TSA agent in 2002.


  1. Thanks for speaking out against this abysmal tyranny, RF!

  2. THANK YOU... I travel a lot but have not yet been groped and am not looking forward to the experience, or that of being diagnosed with cancer caused by an overdose of TSA scanning.