Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Rumor Within Egypt

Over in Egypt a most unfortunate and false rumor has spread among some Muslims that a Coptic priest's wife had converted to Islam. As far as I can see this seems to be false.

Here's a story from ASSIST News detailing how this rumor, which has been used to demonize the Egyptian Coptic Christian community, Coptic Christian Woman Unwittingly Becomes Focal Point of Islamic Clash With Christianity.

It is strange that some Muslims choose to be so agitated over this unverified rumor when the Coptic Christian community have long endured abductions and forced conversions to Islam today.

I well remember reading a Reader's Digest article way back in 2000 which detailed a truly sickening account of one Coptic woman being abducted and forced to convert by bigoted Muslims.

I have no doubt in my mind that most Muslims are embarrassed by such things and wished such acts did not occur. According to the article above it appears the state is trying to contain the damage from this rumor.

It is sad to know that such shocking acts occur in what is usually regarded as the most advanced and cosmopolitan of the Arab states.

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