Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Insightful Comments About the LCG/Bob Thiel Spat

From this Banned by HWA comment thread.

From Byker Bob:
This is just too funny! What does Thiel care who calls him what? For a true prophet, it would not matter one tinker's damn whether some quasi-official entity or group called you by what you wanted to be your title. All that would matter would be the "fact" that one indeed had the gift of prophecy. And, recognition would come from being accurate over a prolonged time period.

Reality is that Thiel should be more concerned that we here have called him a non-prophet, or false prophet. Were I Thiel, Id be getting busy making some accurate and specific prophecies that held up to scrutiny.

 In actual fact Bob Thiel really is a prophet.

In actual fact Ronald Weinland really is a prophet.

In actual fact Gerald Flurry really is a prophet.

In actual fact many other former WCG people really are prophets.

In actual fact they really are worth-less-than-nothing, lying FALSE PROPHETS!!!!!!! In actual fact they really do have the power to make themselves that sort of prophet.

From Head Usher:
The thing that really boggles my mind in all this LCG-Thiel nonsense is that on the one hand Thiel is relying on the authority, infallibility, and spiritual clairvoyance of Meredith & Co. to legitimize his claim to prophet status, but now needs to turn around and with the other hand de-legitimize them all to pull a revenue stream out of LCG (his primary target demographic I presume). Does he not perceive that attempting to strip these guys of their deified status, de-legitimizes his own claim to divinity?

That is exactly what I have been thinking.

From this Banned by HWA comment thread:

An Anonymous comment which argues that the LCG leadership bears some responsibility for the rise of yet another Armstrongite false prophet:

Bob LISTENED to them [after LCG's leaders alledgedly suggested Bob Thiel may be a Prophet]. Bob trusted these people because of their high COG position and LISTENED to them. If Bob is correct here, and I have no reason to believe he isn't, Bob took EVERYTHING he says he was allegedly told here as absolute truth. Bob even says it was Meredith HIMSELF who brought the "prophet" matter up WAY back in 2008. According to Bob, they pumped him up and they induced him, apparently repeatedly, to think of himself as a prophet. I believe that Bob's saying in a nutshell, "Its all their fault, they told me I was, and they kept telling me and telling me, they're COG ministers, even the presiding evangelist, so I believed them and acted on it, and when I did, they stomp on my face and tell me to get out!"

Others have written on this board alleging that Meredith has a history of saying one thing and denying it later. Winnail says allegedly by Thiel that they DID say he may be a prophet. These men are what Thiel has viewed as actual ministers of God and I'm sure believes since they were ministers that they were speaking from Christ's mouth to him. That's what we all would have thought back in the day. Bob, for 4 years, developed this kind of pride and ego because the ministry encouraged and promoted it. I think that instead of promoting humility and teaching the truth, they promoted pride and fed him lies. Why? I don't think they wanted to offend him and thus lose tithes and offerings. Those ministers I believe said all those things and weren't serious about it, and they are JUST as responsible IMHO for EVERYTHING Theil is now. I think it appears to me that LCG has created a False Prophet, In my opinion - and, We're seeing the destruction Armstrongism does in full view all over again to those who put their faith in it.

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