Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Bob Thiel Claims His COG is the Best Proclaimer of 'the Truth'

No2HWA has posted on Banned by HWA that Bob Thiel has been boasting that his group is spreading 'the truth' more effectively than any other COG group.

I am unsurprised he has made these boastings.

He had to boast that he has been reaching more people than anyone else. He is trying to imitate HWA and is claiming to have inherited his mantle and to bear HWA's signs of divine favor.

HWA taught that 'gaining fruit' (getting many converts) was a sign that God was with him. He constantly boasted that his sect expanded its membership by 30% constantly over 35 years (1934-1969). (He was never specific about when this time of expansion ended I must add.)

While Bob Thiel was a member of LCG (and only a lay member) he always, and I mean always, put down all the other COGs and his most common retort was that they failed to get the message of 'the truth' (Armstrongism) out to the world in a major way, unlike HWA's WCG. It was very easy for him to throw this argument at the vast majority of COG organizations which are much smaller than LCG, UCG and the other major ones.

(It was a bit harder to use this when discussing the other major COG groups but he had other arguments for them.)

He knows he had set 'ability to spread "the truth" (Armstrongism) widely' as a test to see where God is working now.

Before he said that LCG met this test and must be the true COG and must be supported.

Now that he has broken away from LCG, naturally he will say LCG has failed this test to justify his decision to leave.

And now that he has started his own 'one true church' he must say his group 'bears more fruit' (spread 'the truth' widely and effectively) than any other COG.

To those of us in the real world, including most COG members, his boastings are completely absurd and unrealistic.

But, alas, he is not talking to us, he is talking to those willing to follow him and pay tithes to him. He knows they expect this sign to follow those with God's favor. HWA claimed to bear this sign. Bob Thiel claimed Meredith bared this sign. Now Thiel claims this sign for himself.

I seriously doubt he really believes he is making a great impact in proclaiming 'the truth', but he has to say it to dupe and persuade potential followers.

That is why he says such false and deceiving things as claiming his group is having the greater impact, per capita or otherwise, among all other COGs.

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