Sunday, June 30, 2013

HWA Says GTA moved by Satan and That He Never Gave the Press ONE WORD Even Though He Did

From the April 23, 1979, Pastor General's Report, page 6, in HWA's article, 'And Now - Christ Sets Church on God's Organizational Track'. 
But some ten years ago -- especially since 1973 -- when my son, who DISAGREED WITH WHAT I HAD TAUGHT THE CHURCH TO BELIEVE, took over second in command and adroitly as SATAN moved him, turned it into TOP COMMAND -- not only cutting me off above him, but also Christ and God. From that time CHRIST WITHDREW HIS BLESSING, and no longer did we grow at all!
Look how many top-flight men -- those GETTING the highest salaries -- on the fourth floor -- have been put out or gone out! THEY are the ones who went to this world's press, which caused all the evil reports to go to the world. I have never given the press ONE WORD! 

HWA's last statement is a complete lie. Take a look at thisAmbassador Watch post which lists several articles Time Magazine made about WCG. The first article contains an interview HWA had with Time Magazine, discussing why Garner Ted Armstrong was removed in 1972 from speaking in the The World Tomorrow program.

HWA talked to the press. HWA is lying in this statement.

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