Friday, June 28, 2013

Repost: Great Quote about Dave Pack

The following quote comes from Norman Edwards, who used to work in Meredith's Global Church of God, and continues to preach Armstrongism. While in GCG he also worked with Dave Pack. He wrote the following words after he left GCG.

I mentioned this quote before on my blog but considering all the attention Pack has been getting because of his incredibly pompous "special announcements" this needs to be brought to attention. 

Dave Pack has been a wolf in shepherd’s clothing and should not be any kind of minister or servant among the people of God. The only apology I will make for that statement is for not having clearly stated it sooner in the pages of Servants’ News. I base this conclusion on direct personal experience and the testimony of dozens of witnesses. Dave Pack is a brilliant man, a powerful speaker and a commanding personality. He has the ability to stir people into thinking they are special to God and that they are being used in a powerful way when they work for Mr. Pack. For those who work “on his side”, he is able to see everything they do in the best possible light, and to have unending mercy to overlook their sins and errors. But to those he opposes, he seems to have an unending ability to recall minute details of years-old conversations and twist them into the greatest of sins. Many witnesses claim that he simply made up lies about them and spread them to others in a most believable fashion. Several people have specifically said that they did exactly what Dave Pack asked—unjust as they thought it was—only to be disfellowshipped for it later (Edwards, Norman. Continuing the Work of WCG. Servant's News. Jan/Feb 2000).

The quote comes from an article by the unordained self appointed false prophet Bob Thiel.

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