Friday, May 16, 2014

Over a Third of PCG Feast Sites Disbanded Since 2011?

While looking at the topic of PCG's declining income I came upon this post by the unordained, self appointed false prophet Bob Theil from October 2011. It seems to cite a PCG source reporting that in 2011 PCG had 18 feast sites.
Shane Granger, marketing director for the Philadelphia Church of God…said Edmond is one of 18 sites around the world that will be attended by 4,700 members of the Philadelphia Church of God, which has 200 congregations spread over 65 countries.
But recently Exit and Support Network revealed that this year there will only be 12 PCG feast sites. That is down from 18 feast sites in 2011. So PCG has cut out six feast sites since 2011.

This seems to be part of a trend. The letter to ESN states...
PCG FOT sites have been going down. In 2012 they had 13 sites; in 2013 they had 11 sites; in 2014 they have 11 sites.
Now I will say that I am somewhat perplexed by the fact that, if Thiel's information is correct, why the letter does not also mention that PCG had 18 feast sites in 2011.

I am at present inclined to favor ESN's information because it is so specific. But because of my uncertainty I have added a question mark to this post's title. I would love to be more sure of matters one way or the other but PCG's secretiveness hinders this.

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