Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet Publishes Letter that says Fall of the Iron Curtain was Part of Sinister Plot to Covertly Spread Communist Ideology

In the latest issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet (July 2014 (PDF)) the writers have added the following letter in their letters section. The letter claims that the Iron Curtain did not really fall, and it was actually advantageous for the proponents of Soviet Communism.
Great article about the fall of the Iron Curtain and fall of the Soviet Empire .... This supposed fall of the Iron Curtain was also a covert way of spreading of the Communist ideology (socialist-leftist) throughout the world. Look at America today: Through Communist beliefs, the old Soviets have accomplished more to destroy America by stealth than by military might. It reminds me of Hitler’s methodology compared to the EU’s, of military might versus undemocratic stealth, to form the final revived Holy Roman Empire. (p. 32.)
What planet is this person living on? It certainly is not the planet I live in. Try telling that to the Communist officials who were kicked out of power.

Why do PCG's writers believe this paranoid opinion is worth printing in their magazine? It certainly does not indicate that PCG's writers have a good grasp of political events if they thought this letter was worth printing.

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