Monday, August 7, 2017

Listening to PCG's Trumpet Daily (July 31, 2017)

In this broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Daily (July 31, 2017) Joel Hilliker states that he was in Edstone as part of working with Philadelphia Youth Camp.

Joel Hilliker praises a speech delivered by President Trump in Poland. He says he was moved by it.

Then he complains about a Washington Post columnist criticizing the speech. He mentions that the columnist is African American and gay. Why does he bring those things up? They should not matter. He should focus on the topic under discussion without mentioning personal details like that.

He then complains that there are people out there who hate Western civilization. He states that 25% of young male African Americans in California meet state standards for reading. It is implied that this is somehow linked to this alleged contempt for Western civilization he scribes to certain people out there.

Or maybe there are reasons why this particular demographic does not perform as much as one would hope.
 “Part of this may be structural, in having texts that aren’t relevant to the experiences and legacy of African-American boys,” said Chris Chatmon, founding executive director of the African-American Male Achievement program at the Oakland Unified School District. “When a lot of the curriculum you have access to isn’t familiar, or doesn’t acknowledge your past or your present, you have a tendency not to be engaged with it or want to read it.” (The Mercury News.)
OK. I get it. Joel Hilliker does not like the Democratic Party. He does not want them to be elected to power. That's OK. Maybe he should disregard HWA's ban on voting and vote Republican.

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  1. The WCG presented itself to me as being "above politics" and essentially neutral, but it's always shown political favoritism. I remember internal unease created by sermons that were too conservative, as our congregations had a large number of skilled and unskilled union members.
    Don't COGs worry about losing their 501c3 exemption? If they did, it would probably be seen as 'persecution' and a call to 'sacrifice as never before'.