Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Overview of the August 2018 Issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet

PCG has released yet another issue of their recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet. (August 2018.) Let us see what they have to say this time.

The editors of this issue are Gerald Flurry, Stephen Flurry, Joel Hilliker, Brad Macdonald, Richard Palmer, Jeremiah Jacques, Dennis Leap and Phillip Nice.

This issue has a circulation of 262,448 issues.

Gerald Flurry has a personal article praising King Hezekiah and Isaiah promoting the exhibit of seals possibly connected with them at PCG headquarters. It does not matter what PCG finds in the ground there PCG's reputation among the COGs and those formerlly associated with them will remain as abysmal as ever.

Richard Palmer has an article playing up recent tensions between the United States and Germany. PCG and Armstrongism in general teach that Germany is fated to launch a decisive war of military conquest against the United States which will end with America defeated and American people taken as slaves by the ascendant Germans.

Joel Hilliker has an article discussing the recent diplomatic outreach towards North Korea. Since Armstrongism says that a German led European entity will conquer the United States it seems reasonable to believe that this particular dogma will cause Armstrongites to not be so concerned with that nation even though they actually have nuclear weapons.

Andrew Müller the McCarthyite has an article bemoaning tolerance. How dare his fellow nationals should dare accept gays and women's rights. He also blames a certain German Jewish academic who had to flee Germany to escape the Nazis, namely Herbert Marcuse, for causing various attitudes to predominate in modern society. Marcuse is often cited in various conspiracy theories blaming the "Frankfurt School" for inventing the sexual revolution of the 1960s. That claim is nonsense. The sexual revolution was propelled from the numerous sectors of society

Jorg Mardian has an article about food. He says the food we have has gotten worse over the years. More doom and gloom from PCG's recruitment magazine.

Joel Hilliker also has an article insisting that despite the astounding progress the humanity has experienced in the last few centuries the world we live have actually gotten worse somehow. What won't PCG's recruiters say to make the world outside of PCG sound as awful as possible? If they admitted the world outside of PCG just might be worth living in what need would there be to join them?

The Infographic praises PCG's archeological excavations with Dr. Eilat Mazar. Previous excavations sponsored by HWA's organization are also mentioned even though PCG is a different organization and many who sent in the money that funded HWA's organization, including the excavations, are now demonized as "Laodiceans," some of whom have been shunned by PCG members as part of the infamous "no contact" policy.

Stephen Flurry has an article once again demonizing the Obama Administration's diplomatic agreement with Iran regarding nuclear power. He fumes that the Obama Administration lied to the American people. What about HWA's lies? He said that his followers did not need to visit doctors and so much harm and pain has been caused by his encouragement of neglecting such elementary necessities. HWA presented himself as a godly man but it is well known that back in the 1930s and the 1940s he committed dreadful and illegal acts in his personal life.

Gerlad Flurry also has an article promoting the Armstrongite doctrine of the "spirit in man."

Their correspondence course has an article encouraging reading to meditate on what PCG teaches.

WorldWatch discusses the new Italian government; German intelligence gaining legal right to spy on Germans; the ascension of a right wing party to power in Slovenia; Hezbollah and its allies winning the election in Lebanon; Israel participating in military exercises in Europe; scare mongering about an missile base near Shahrud; Russia's opening of the Crimean Bridge; scare mongering about China's arming itself; and bemoaning the Dominican Republic granting diplomatic recognition to China.

SocietyWatch discusses the mass incarceration within the United States; the increasing rate of suicides in the US; condemns the Boy Scouts of America for providing condoms at its conference to prevent acquiring sexually transmitted diseases; and condemns a proposal in California to ban "reparative therapy."

Joel Hilliker has an article encouragig people to make plans for their futures.

Richard Palmer has an article in which he alleges that moral relativism makes people unable to deal  with the child killing practiced among some native tribes in Amazonian region of Brazil.
This is why the Trumpet warns against tolerating evil, whether it is killing children or something more subtle. The West is also destroying its children. We are splitting and re-splitting their families, allowing them to engage in rampant drug use, permitting them to indulge in illicit sex, and encouraging them to experiment with transgenderism. (p. 35.)
It must be asked if Palmer has fully thought about the implications of his words. This implies that getting a divorce, using an illegal narcotic, having consensual sexual relations in a way contrary to PCG dogma and recognizing that gender dysphoria is a real condition is in some bizarre way morally equivalent with murdering a little two year old girl? What nonsense!

In the article above Palmer also praises a missionary couple for saving a two year old girl who had been ordered to be killed by tribal leaders. Palmer does not mention to his readers that his organization, PCG, teaches that it alone is the true church and all Christians outside of the organization are merely false Christians and heretics deceived by Satan.

There are letters. Here's a letter from Ohio.
A strange thing has been happening in my life. I have read the Scriptures, and I see that I have been misinformed. What is amazing is how wrong the Catholic religion is. This is the most informative thing I have read in my 62 years. I am on to something, and I want to stay on it!
Here's a letter from Illinois from a person newly convinced of having Jewish ancestry.
I thank God for your magazine. After I read Mr. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, it was like the whole world was opened up to me. And all this time I thought I was a Gentile!
It is saddening to see yet another person get confused by the unfounded doctrine of British Israelism. It is nonsense. The British and Americans are not descended from the Biblical Israelites. Genetic studies have shown that their genetics are so different that there could not have been any common ancestry between the Americans and the Jews in the way alleged by British Israelism. British Israelism is a false idea that confuses and misleads people.

(Incidentally Armstrongism makes a huge fuss of distinguishing between Jews and Israelites and insisting that they are, to this very day, separate peoples. But historically the remnants of the Kingdom of Israel united with the Jews of Judaea. While it seems likely some Israelites were absorbed into the surrounding people some retained their identity by uniting with the Jews in the southern Kingdom of Judah. Consequently both names are applied to the same people, namely the Jews. There is today no Israelite people distinct from the Jews. Armstrongism promotes that which is today a meaningless distinction.)

Here's a letter PCG's editors included that criticizes PCG's rightward political stance.
I realize you act more as propagandist in favor for the worst president ever to lead the U.S. I understand mostly because of the transfer of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem! For the last two terms, you had one of the best presidents in Barack Obama. I am very surprised you support Donald Trump like that. Best regards.
Including such a letter makes it appear as though PCG is accepting of alternative opinions. Those who are on the receiving end of the infamous "no contact" policy know better.

And so we see that PCG's 1% has produced yet another issue of their recruitment magazine to try and get more tithe paying converts and keep their followers loyal to the organization. People who may happen to encourter this recruitment magazine without being familiar of the organization behind it deserve to know that their is no need to fear their dire predictions of gloom and doom. Armstrongites have continuously said such things since the 1930s and yet in all that time their predictions have failed to occur. HWA even taught from 1953 onwards that Christ would return in 1975. They are but false prophets. There is no need to fear their predictions.


  1. One of the most brain dead comments from the acog's is that Germany will successfully launch a nuclear war on the United States and walk away unscathed.

    Secondly that the USA will be invaded by a army from Germany. Not a fucking chance this will ever come to pass.

    As I pointed out to one commenter over at BANNED, there is a gun behind every blade of grass. However, you can point this out to any acog group and they refuse to see the strategic logic as they dismiss cold hard facts for Herbert Armstrong's prophecies. These people are truly delusional.

    The truth is the EU is going away. It cannot and will not survive. The whole structure is rotted and based on a authoritarian model of tyranny.

    1. Public education lectures in this community have been on WWII and one topic was on why Germany started an 'unwinnable war'.
      For years there have been blog discussions that ask the same question regarding "HWA's War".

  2. People who are old school WCG have no idea how many AK-47s and AR-15s are in the hands of law abiding citizens here in the USA, and the ammo to use them. They have probably also missed out on the fact that there are now huge numbers of housewives who are combat trained, living unobtrusive lives behind the scenes.

    The next war will most likely be waged with directed energy weapons, using microwave, radiation, laser, plasm, particle beam, and electromagnetic technology.

    China and India are more likely as candidates for next dominant superpower than Europe. Just for starters, there are huge political and philosophical differences on every front between Western Europe and Eastern Europe.


  3. Tomorrow comes a huge tax grab. Tariffs, and a reflexive response of counter-tariffs.
    If raising corporate taxes and personal income taxes stifles economies, this should be a duesey, all courtesy of the ACOg-approved president.


  4. BB

    Interesting to see that Hoover and Trump both seem to be practical men and not intellectuals at all.

    HWA entire mission/work seems to have been crafted after Wilson entirely.

    HWA must not have approved of Hoover and therefore not of Trump. Although Trump supporters seem to rally around the last man standing for the "whitemans burden" and the manifest destiny to be a shining beacon on the hill.

    Perhaps he is just as the other magicians enchanting the masses. Perhaps not. It seems that GWB still holds the position that history will judge him on his administration lies to the people.


    1. The president about whom HWA consistently spoke most admiringly, nck, was Theodore Roosevelt.

      I was quite shocked when at the height of the Watergate Scandal, HWA opined that had he been President Nixon, he would have burned the White House tapes. It certainly informed my understanding of the events which unfolded during the receivership imposed upon WCG by the State of California. HWA was an absolute master of plausible deniability.


    2. Yes Theodore was something of an action hero to him. A dream. The model was Wilson. And the radio work was like the later Roosevelts pep talks during the crises.

      There are written testimonies that when the GII flew in with headquarter ministers for instruction HWA ordered full cooperation with the State authorities.

      When Ramona phoned Stanley about HWA saying to the ministers that there should be full compliance "since we have nothing to hide", Stans quick reply was "the hell we have"..........When the GII returned most important files were destroyed.

      Except of course the 500 pages the FBI is not releasing "for reasons of national security".

      So, that is closer to the truth than what you are implying with the watergate remark.

      HWA was the one being illegally taped as "60 minutes" proved beyond a doubt.

      And thank God for mobile phone. If we had them in 1978, Raders files would have been saved by a short call.

      So I m patiently awaiting "the national security" file. (Or the divorce papers if someone would take the effort, perhaps a disgruntled oil barron would enable that file to be disclosed for the final verdict or acquittal of the HWA case BB vs Nck. :-) ;') smiley inserted


    3. Have you considered filing for access to those FBI files under the Freedom of Information Act? I mean we’re talking about 40 year old “information”. How sensitive could it still be? Compromising information about key figures at Jet Propulsion Labs who actually lived in HWA’s neighborhood has been out in the open for decades.

      At the prompting of another attorney, (screen named “Stan Gardner”) an ex-WCG member who used to blog with us, I did visit the facility in Tucson where the HWA-Ramona divorce transcripts are maintained. The file is huge, it was on microfiche at the time of my visit, it would have been tremendously expensive to obtain a full print-out, or would have required hundreds of hours to find the salient portions germane to our interests. I simply did not have the resources to obtain what we needed, and had to make a cost-benefit judgment call because I knew that even when I found the damning evidence, it wasn’t going to cause everyone in the ACOgs to suddenly leave. They would simply have spun it all and gone into the next round of excuses. That’s what the Armstrongite mindset has done with everything else that has ever been presented to them.

      In several decades, when key coastal cities are permanently flooded and have been abandoned, and when national demographics have all gone brown, COglogytes are still going to be blanket-training their children, and waiting patiently for their Germans to come over to punish “Israel”.


    4. Yes, I believe it has been 15 years since the last attempt under the FoIact. I was talking about that attempt when only several blackened and crossed pages were received. But yes time has progressed yet a little further.

      If there is damning evidence in the divorce papers I expect it to be "packaged" in legalese. Personally I am willing to consider certain legalese constructions as proof of the more serious allegations. But I expect no one to go to such trouble for my sake only.

      If I had to make a choice I would go for the "government files" as of personal fetish.

      One of your "fetishes" is that German thing. :-) From a historical development perspective I regard the "German threat" of WWI origins. I have cited the American consternation about a German invasion of the Southern States secceeded from the Mexican Empire through the Zimmerman telegram.

      But since I like to cite the Wilson era as being decisive in HWA's political worldview I present the "Haiti case" in light of WWI and the Monroe doctrine.

      For the anti Armstrongist any Assyrian - German connection might be interpreted trough American fears of that period and HWA projecting that on his developing bible studies.

      As an "advertising natural" HWA knew about "collective consciousness" before Freud sought refuge in the USA and the art required extensive studies at Harvard.


    5. For our generation the "Cuba crises" is a defining moment in our "collective consciousness". And you know I like to harp on "Radio Swan" and the WTM connection as mayor sponsor of that station aimed at Cuba.

      However for HWA's generation "the HAITI" moment involving the GERMANS is more defining as setting in the "collective consciousness" of that generation.

      Of course the first PT issues adressed "West Coast" fears on Asian interference. Quite a realistic scenario at the time playing into reality at the december 1942 attack on American soil.

      I am still wondering where HWA got his 1939-1940 maps detailing a large scale invasion of the Ukraine by German forces years before that information set in as a reality for the Euro - American masses.


  5. I was talking about Hoovers political life.
    HWA did perhaps emanate Hoovers personal life.

    A former Quaker who according to ambassador Hines "started his career in California and will end it in heaven.'


  6. The funny part is that the Philadelphia Trumpet is getting more and more strange by every issue published. IF prophecy was ever a scientific discipline one could say that the recent geopolitical changes were NEVER ever predicted by ANY of the prophetic speakers in any of the groups coming from the ideology of Armstrongism...

    1. No. You are right. But, they keep remolding, bending, and shaping it all to appear as if they were. And the true believers let them get away with it.


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