Saturday, October 31, 2020

PCG's Gerald Flurry Getting Remarried

Gerald Flurry is to be married on November 16, 2020 to Vicki Barreiro. (Hat tip: Banned by HWA.)

Gerald Flurry has constantly insisted that the end is near. He has said that Christ will return in ten years or less. He has said that terrible things will soon occur. And yet he has time to get married again. He has time to tell his followers to pay tithes to his organization.

Gerald Flurry infamously implemented a no contact policy against the members of the other COG groups. PCG has long had a reputation for being particularly harsh and authoritarian compared with the other COG groups.

This development reminds us again that unfortunately the system of Armstrongism works well for the one percenters who receive tithes and offerings while giving the lay members oppressive and controlling rules. 

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