Thursday, December 30, 2021

Vaccination Against Covid-19 is Necessary

The recent rise of Covid Omicron shows again the necessity of getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Millions have been vaccinated. I myself got vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine as soon as I could. I encourage everyone to be vaccinated against Covid-19 subject to medical advice. If anyone is concerned let them consult with their doctors.

Unfortunately some within the Armstrongite groups have chosen to scare monger about the Covid vaccines leaving their followers more vulnerable to getting infected with the dreaded disease. Sadly many people all over the world who were vaccine hesitant have suffered or even died when they could have avoided getting the dreadful disease by getting vaccinated.

All of us need to be responsible during this ongoing crisis.

Happy new year everyone. May the year 2022 be a happy and prosperous time for you.


  1. Thanks for this clear message about getting one of the available Covid-19 vaccinations - I heartily endorse it! Life is one of the greatest gifts bestowed on us by our Creator and exercising faith in him requires a living, breathing person. Happy New Year!

  2. I fully agree. I got my third shot on December 30th 2021, and have been fine every single time. No side-effects - just the benefit of knowing that sensible people take care of themselves when there is a choice to be made.

    Claimning it would be the will of any so-called 'god' that we should not take the vaccine, when available, is pure nonsense as is so much in the Armstrongism mindset!