Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meredith Begs Again

Meredith's asking for more money again from his eternally abused flock. He is about to send his semi-annual letter which is sent to Tomorrow's World subscribers who have not yet sent in any money to them.

This is from the November 12, 2009 Weekly Update. (Emphasis his.)
Because of the situation in the Work and in the world—especially the terrible recession we are just coming out of, most of you realize that our income has been dragging somewhat. So although we are up more than three percent in our income year-to-date, we still need much more resources in order to move ahead and do the things I am sure God would want us to do. With this in mind, please encourage the brethren to pray for the Work—and especially ask them—all of our people—to pray fervently for the semi-annual letter which is just now being mailed out! This letter is being sent out to a total of 287,752 worldwide and, through our prayers, could have a very significant impact on the number of new donors, co-workers and members coming with us over the next several months. These letters only go out twice a year, as you know, so we need to understand the vital importance of our prayers. Ask God to bless the letter and move people to act so they can be part of the Work of God at the end of the age.
And so this terrible exploitative charade by this false prophet continues.

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  1. Like Mr Meredith is the only church leader to talk about money. The CoG's are the only churches that send out all of there materials for free to everyone. All others beg for your money and on top of that they charge you for every piece of literature you send in for. HMMMMMMMMM, where are the false churches. Not to hard to figure out is it.