Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nimrod-Semiramis, Akhenaten and Deviancy

Speaking of the Nimrod-Semiramis incest story that was told by HWA and Hoeh in the 1950s, this story was also extended to the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten in his Compendium of World History. In that book Hoeh reinterpreted Egyptian chronology, largely burrowing from Immanuel Velikovsky as may be seen here. There Hoeh asserted that Akhenaten had done the same thing. This is from Chapter 7.
[Akhenaten was] a sexual deviate who used the cloak of religion to beget children by his own mother and daughters -- not to speak of his attraction toward his son Smenkhkare....

Dissension and jealousy sundered Egypt's government during the El-Amarna period. It was, in part, the result of infiltration of foreign influence during the reign of Amenhotpe III. The book of Sothis records of his day: "The Ethiopians, removing from the River Indus, settled near Egypt."

They brought with them not only the concept of marriages between uterine brothers and sisters, a practice already established in Egypt by the royalty of Sheba, but of the marriage of parents with children. Children of the union of a mother and son were deemed especially well born. Akhenaten inherited this concept through his father's marriage relationships. But the practice was revolting to many Egyptians of high rank. No known ruler among them since the time of the Ethiopian Nimrod had dared marry his own mother and beget children of her.

Akhenaten did it because he regarded himself as a new incarnation of Nimrod, the sun-god. Hence the name Orus applied to the king [Akhenaten]. Orus is another spelling of Horus, third king of Egypt, who was anciently assumed to be the first incarnation of Nimrod.
So not only did Nimrod marry his mother but Akhenaten also did the same thing in direct imitation of Nimrod.

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