Sunday, November 22, 2009

PCG and the 19 Year Time Cycles

I just found this blurb for a Key of David TV program.

January 2010 will mark the beginning of the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. What will this mean for your life?

Here Gerald Flurry is using the failed 19 year time cycles to once again spread fear inducing false prophecies again.

This is based on the 19 year cycle beginning from the first regular broadcast of the World Tomorrow radio program on January 7, 1934.

The progression goes the following manner: 1934-1953-1972-1991-2010.

1934: First regular broadcast of World Tomorrow. The dating starts at January 7, 1934, even though the first broadcast was on October 11, 1933.

1953: The World Tomorrow begins broadcasting on Radio Luxemburg on January 7. This event later inspires HWA and Hoeh to unveil a 19 year cycle prophecy that predicted that the commission of the Philadelphia church era would end upon the completion of this 19 year time cycle, followed by the Great Tribulation of three and a half years duration ending with the return of Jesus Christ in 1975.

1972: The 1972-1975 prophecy fails. This proves that all this talk of 19 year cycles was completly in error and exposed Herbert W. Armstrong as a false prophet which Scripture warns us to stay away from. Despte this most dramatic failure the false prophets of the COGs continue to exploit this failed idea to spread false prophecies.

More information on this may be seen here.

1991: When Gerald Flurry was writing Malachi's Message, which he would later claim to be the Little Book of Revelation 10 from 1992 onwards while under the employ of WCG he wished to unveil Malachi's Message to condemn Tkach Sr. in January 1991 to coincide with this time cycle. He was fired in December 1989 and was unable to follow his original schedule. Instead he devised the January 16 doctrine. Later he pointed to January 16, the anniversary of HWA's death in 1986, as a date of prophetic importance. When the Gulf War began this was taken as a sign of the fulfillment of the January 16 prophecy, convienently ignoring the fact that armed combat began on January 17, one day too late.

More information on this may be seen here.

2010: Now, seeing this 19 year cycle ending/beginning now, Gerald Flurry again uses this false and failed idea to spread fear inducing prophecies based on this failed prophetic pattern that is highly artificial and completely useless in foreseeing the future. Let us see what he says.

Gerald Flurry begins this telecast with this dramatic statement.

In the next two months the Holy Roman Empire is going to be official in Europe.

Later on he adds these words.

In January 1st, 2010, they will implement their diplomatic service. They will appoint a foreign minister and a president. And will officially become the Holy Roman Empire.

Please note these events are said to occur on January 1, not January 7 or January 16, the two dates given significance by PCG's belief system. January 1st fulfills neither the 19 year time cycles which begins and ends on January 7, or the January 16 anniversary of HWA's death.

But the unsuspecting and uninformed viewer will have no idea that Gerald Flurry is referring to all this when he makes these dramatic false prophecies.

PCG ignores this discrepancy and simply glides over these difficulties, leaving the unsuspecting viewer totally unaware of the problems of these statements.


  1. As one who faithfully watches world events in the light of Bible prophecy and receives the Open Europe Press Summary (that I post almost daily United States of Europe/), I know Flurry wasn't prophesying but merely stating facts about the Lisbon Treaty, the virtual "Holy Roman Empire, etc.
    The Lisbon Treaty forges an empire, an emperor and an anvil for war!

    Some still just don't get it - those who do continue to prove all things as Herbert Armstrong encouraged us to do and we clearly see Europe rising as our British-Israelite nations are falling.

  2. Several years ago Mr. Flurry speculated something big might happen around the time of PCG's 20th anniversary - December 2009.

    I suppose the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty could qualify as that. But I'm sure people who watch COG's would debate both sides of that.