Wednesday, November 15, 2017

7,817,247 Australians Vote for Same Sex Marriage

The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey has ended with 61% of voters (7,817,247) choosing to vote for the legalization of same sex marriages. No doubt the COGs will disapprove and be made uncomfortable at the fact so many no longer follow their stance against the LGBT community.


  1. Before seeing this announcement in the news, I caught it on COGwriter. It's possible that any future disaster in Australia - such as annual bush fires - will be retrospectively attributed to this event.
    I've noticed some Australia as "pooftah bashers", while the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras has been one of the world's largest annual gay pride events.

  2. Well Hoss. The decline of the morals, increase in disasters and tornadoes has been steadily going on since 1800 when the number of pirates began to decline.

    Lesser pirates, more evils, like 1st and 2nd world war, korea, etc etc

    We must plea the return of the pirateships.


  3. Yes, I remember reading about that from the apocryphal FSMCOG (Flying Spaghetti Monster COG). That could be why COGs tend to deny global climate change...

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry! You guys were discussing butt-pirates!

    My bad!

  5. Pontius Piratus could be a saint in Pastafarianism!